Luther's Gone

Thousands of people lined up in New York Today for the viewing of Luther's Casket. So sad to lose another legend from our community. There are certain times in your life you just remember, when you realize that you are GROWN because youa re losing the things and people that helped you make memories.
I was in St Louis for a booksigning in a rental car with a screwed up navigation system when the radio broke in and said that Aaliyah had been killed in a plane crash. At another booksigning when I heard about T-Boz in Honduras. I wouldn't necessarily put these people in a league with Luther, their stars were just beginning to shine whereas his had eclipsed all other male performers for decades, but I will surely remember where I was when Luther died. My sister is such a big fan that her husband called her to give his condolences. We all did. I used to tease her because when you get into her car, the ONLY music you are gonna hear is Luther and it has been like that for a long time, but I felt a pang of sadness when I made that call to her.
Luther and his music had that effect on people. Don't think so?
Try this. The Glow of Love. I bet a memory comes to mind. Mine is of standing on the corner of Hillside and 165th Street in Queens on the way to High School. I stopped at the donut shop on the corner and got me a cruller. (That was back when I didn't have to think about what I ate. Wouldn't catch me eating one of those today.)
A house is not a home. Get Something? I get a basement house party with a naked light bulb staying out past my curfew, knowing that my daddy would be up waiting for me, even if I was just a minute late. I remember walking through the door and my father asking my too-young butt, "When you getting married?"
Last one. Ready? Creep. All right, now. Tell the truth. How about working at a Wendy's (The one on Queens' Blvd that they disguised as a McDowell's, where they filmed Coming to America) and having an employee holiday party where they shaded the windows and moved all the tables away. The parted lasted until the wee hours of the morning, and I had chemistry at 7:30AM. I put my head down on the desk and slept through the first hour because I didn't need to review homework anyway.
Luther gave us many memories, and we will always remember him.


Aries327 said…
Never a big fan of Luther Vandross, I only remember "Here and Now" because it was always on the radio when I was growing up. But I can sing along with it and I like the drama of the song. When I heard the newscaster announce that he died, the song came to mind. I was driving home from work with my (new) husband.

Relating back to what you wrote about the BET awards and class, Vandross had it and few musicians do, these days. So it is sad to lose a good guy and established R&B artist. We have few celebrities the kids can admire and he was one of them. said…
luther RIP

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