The Fashionista Four

I went to see the Fantastik Four today. I was one of those atually antiipating a less than R Rated movie, glad to use my kids as an excuse to go. I couldn't wait to relive childhood comic books. The takeaway? The suits they wore were bad ass. Made everybody look good and when the heroes turned Fantastik they did too. I was all into it, but then, the rubber woman wore lipstick in Space. IN SPACE! And I thought I was a diva. Her skinny butt was nearly blown to kingdom come and the lipstck stayed perfect. What brand was that again and where can I get some?
Let's review. There are some things that a girl, just has to know. (A man, too, if lip adornment is your thing.)
We don't really go to the gym with a naked face. You wear mascara at the very least. Concealer or tinted moisturizer if you have bad skin. You can get away with sunscreen if you are a minimalist.
Camping-If you must go, take a nail file with you. A must for the gook that can and will get under your nails. Stay put mascara should be in your pocket. I was in ROTC so I know what I am talking about.
Swimming-pool makeup does exist. Yes, folks, its out there. (okay, I made that up). It doesn't matter but if you think you are going to get photographed, don't get your face wet. Otherwise, sunscreen AND water proof mascara.
This all sounds silly because it is. But so is lipstick in space. It's like camping in stilettos. Unless, of course, you have a bad ass suit.


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