Hand Written Romance

From Cynnamon Foster--

I got note in the mail today. Not email, but old-fashioned snail mail. It was handwritten, on nice stationary that made me turn it over and take a long look. The words were spaced out to leave lots of white space and the note itself, the words, they were sexy and thoughtful. The note isn’t from someone that is new in my life, instead, its from the person that has been closest to my heart for almost 11 years, and just touching the envelope from him still makes me tingle.
I left the note on my desk to read over and over and after I’m done with it, I’m going to put it in a special box I have for such things so that if I want it when I’m feeling gloomy, I can pull it out to revisit the warm feeling I got as I held it in my hands.
Can you remember the last time you recieved something as sexy as a handwritten note? Today, the world moves at the speed of light, but there’s something about a letter that you just can’t get from email.
Not many of us will take the time to even write a thank you note, much less a note to someone special to let them know that you appreciate and love them. We get married, or into long term relationships and we forget the things that made us want that other person in the first place, those little thoughtful things that made our hearts skip a beat.
Men’s hearts skip beats, too, they just don’t announce it to the world the way women so often do. While you’re sitting there asking, “What have you done for me lately?” Consider asking yourself, “What, exactly, have you done for him?”
Have you used any kind words or do you just criticize everything he does? What is the one thing your man enjoys doing? Have you tried it? (Get your mind out of the bedroom here, folks.)
Sometimes, romance happens when we take just a little step. Instead of waiting for it to happen to you, you have got to make it happen for yourself. Not many people take the time to date their mate, male or female. Kids, life, work happens, but if we expect our relationships to continue to happen, we have to plan time or them the same way we plan for the other commitments in our lives. The chase was exciting in the beginning, to keep it going, you’ve got to work.

Cynnamon Foster is the alter-ego of author Nina Foxx.  She has been begging to be let out for quite awhile.   She tied Nina up and put her in a closet and has been writing ever since.


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