Yes, Shaneequa, There is a Santa Claus

Merry Christmas! Feliz Cumpleanos, Habari Gani, ya know! Trying something new this time. Check out The Vixen Chronicles Podcast here
. Click Listen. It will take you to another page to hear my attempt at podcasting. I welcome your feedback. I was playing with the toys that Santa sent me.


Anonymous said…
very nice touch with the audio (a bit long, but nice touch)....maybe you can run in the race for the cure in japan in october (breast cancer is a growing health concern for young japanese women and needs some extra attention there -- check it out:

you can get your run on, fight cancer, use your japanese, and i'm sure find a storyline or two for another bestseller....just a thought.

on the downside, my guess is that your american-sized foot won't find too many choos to chose from. over there ;-)

peace and happy new year,
casa chico de la zorra

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