Nature's Last Assault, New Year, new Beginnings

No trip of mine would be complete without its glitches, right? Let's review. I've been assaulted by nature's forces, tornados, rain, natural water, either while I was being swept down the street into a bayou in Houston, nearly missed with a funnel cloud in Altanta and Montgomery,and accosted by a toilet water fountain at sea. I've been left on a rock with a lean to in Belize, stuck in an elevator in Miami. Was anything left? of course. But let's start at the beginnin.
You may recall, the last time I flew Continental, I ran into somewhat of a luggage problem, mainly that mine did not arrive AT ALL. I had to go on a whirlwind shopping spree to look decent for a business trip.
So, what'd I go and do? I flew Continental again. What happened to once burned, twice shy? I wasn't scared, but I shulda been.
Aaaah. family vacation. I was looking forward to a week of bliss (and work, ye olde deadline had yet to be met). I got off the plane in Mexico, and guess what? My luggage came. That's the good news. The bad news? My kid's luggage did not. Neither one of them.
Thankfully kids don't need much to have fun. The luggage was delivered by American, not Continental, and a good thing too because I'm sure mine are not above skinny dipping.
The room was beautiful at first glance. Then I discovered the problem. Very little cell phone service, sparse internet, and wait, here it comes, the ants were marching around the joint, just having a party. Now, I've been faced with technology withdrawal before, but the thing I have with nature and critters, that's just not something I can overcome.
So, I called hosuekeeping and told them "Ay, hay insectos in mi cuarto, puedo pagar mas?" Were they going to charge me more for the bugs?
They came and cleaned them up, but guess what, thy came back the next day and they brought friends. It was like an ant fiesta up in there.
At least the pool was nice.
It was a little cold first. I sat and watched as the kids frolicked in the luke-warm tub. That is until someone else's kid did the unmentionable in it. Yup, please don't say it, that unmentionable thing. Oh, and thay one too. I yanked my kids out and forbade them to reenter. For the rest of the week.
At least the beach was nice.
It was beautiful. And Santa came down a zip lne from the clffs to the beach to give gifts to the ninos.
I survived. I figure that surely, me and mother Nature have made our peace. Hopefully we can start out better for 2007.
Hopefully 2007 has good things in store for me.


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