On Ladies & Gentelmen (Guest Blogger)

It's time again for the male vioce to weigh in. This from a mysterious male guest blogger....
On ladies and gentlemen....
After reading your blog, I started to ponder a bit about what a gentle
is and does and conversely what a lady is and does (our what they should
do at least in today's day and time). Here are my views, interested in
what I'm missing or am wrong about.

Gentleman Rules
Seems to me that a gentleman must or should:
- walk a lady to her car anytime from dusk onward
- open doors when it makes sense to, but don't break your neck to do it
when it doesn't make sense
- take the hat off whenever inside no matter how bald or near bald you
are/are becoming
- look a lady in her eyes first....check the rest out later, but start
with her eyes because we are people first and animals second
- realize that women are not helpless, but appreciate being helped. Ask
if she needs help picking up the suitcase or grocery bag and let her
decide if she needs a stronger set of arms (if you are stronger)
- kill spiders and discard snakes (it's just our job even though we
don't like them either)
- be polite at whenever you possibly can, and if you have to be less
than polite be right and decisive so you don't have to go there again
- respect elders always...cash in your soul if you can't treat elders
like treasures
- don't laugh at the weak, the sick or the disadvantaged because you
never know when you might be there
- offer a lady a the seat if there are no others around because it can
always make you look better and be better
- most of all, ask a lady if she needs anything (from a drink to a
backrub and everything in between) because we are generally motivated by
very few things and by doing a few things she needs very well it will
get noticed, and allow her to share the very few things we enjoy.

Lady Rules
- when you aren't interested, tell a man NO (we are optimists and tend
to "round up" and assume we have a chance until we clearly hear no)
- never have gas around us (from either end), and when/if you slip up --
lie and deny because we really want to believe you never do it, even
though we know you do
- never pee in front of us (see above)
- speak when someone else speaks to you in a respectful manner...plenty
of fish in the ocean and sooner or later one of those fish will be more
attractive than you so don't burn any bridges
- write thank you notes and if you are involved with a guy, either do it
for him or get him to do it...men are cool living in caves at times, and
we count on you to force us to be civilized
- accept the assistance of a well meaning man...we try sometimes, so
give us a break
- never pick your teeth or your nose in front of a man...we can handle
that from other guys, but can't handle it from women
- always be put together. You don't have to be dressed to the nines at
all times, but look like you looked at yourself before you left the
house...there is no shame in being poor, only dressing poorly.
- give up your seat for an elder...you too should cash in your soul I
you can't treat elders as treasures
- use please and thank you...it's another save the civilization thing we
count on you for


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