Good Malls and Well Water

Summer's over! Okay not really, but it is September. In case you don't know, even if Labor Day isn't on September 1, September doesn't start until after Labor Day (in my twisted mind). Labor Day means the end of Summer, except if you live in South Texas. In that case, what it means is that instead of damn hot we will just be hot with temps that hover in the high 90's.
This time of year I do miss the East Coast. I miss the leaves turning wonderful colors and drives just to see them turn. I miss the clothes. We just don't have a fall season here where you get to where the great clothes and boots are REALLY jiust for show. A few of us do try though, we go and get that "IT" outfit and sport it although we know we are really hot as hell in it. I never appreciated a good dress shield before. Opaque tights are supposed to be very in this year. That is funny when you live in no pantyhose land. If you live on the east coast you almost can't imagine being bare anything, but let me tell you that once the temp is over 100 thirty days in a row, many of the most prim church ladies are tempted let it all hang out and go bare-everything under that skirt.
So, I've been soooo good on the 12 step shoe program. Probably because I couldn't concentrate on anything but the running shoes I was using to high-tail it away from the critters. I've calmed down enough to just squash the invading pests with someone else's shoe and move on, so, the other day I headed to the supermarket and was very calm when the other Nina took over and I steered my car straight to the mall, the good mall, not far from my house. There was a shoe trunk show at Neiman's and I guess that info was somewhere in the back of my mind. Let's just say I did indulge, but I only got one pair. A BIG step for me. That's like a kid in a candy store only buying one Now-N-Later. Oh, the handbag, yeah, I got that too. Okay, a Now-N-Later and a Tootsie Roll.
I've found a mall I love in my new city, but I'm not in love with the city yet. I suppose it will grow on me. Friends from the old city came to visit this weekend and you know, they broke in my new house and It was really wonderful. You know what they say, you never miss your water until the well runs dry. Until their visit I was headed for a drought as dry as the one that is gripping south Texas now.
Austin had a lot of things that I REALLY enjoyed, including friends, but you know, they are right up the road a piece. They assured me that the good thing about moving was that you keep in touch with those you want to, and those others, its your golden opportunity to move on and leave those bad apples behind. After they all left and the dishes were clean (did I mention I was a-cooking like I was a toasted butterscotch Julia Childs), I sipped my wine (since there was no white sangria left), counted my blessings and vowed to be a red delicious kind of friend that got a change of address card and an invitation more often than not. I am fortunate to have not a lot, but enough, red delicious and a few other types of good apples (and a few other fruits)in my life. No more food analogies in the next blog. Promise. ;-)


Anonymous said…
...toasted butterscotch, red delicious, white sangria...color and flavor -- very nice my red delicious friend (wouldn't golden delicious fit better?).

i guess when you share those change of address cards and invitations for those good friends in your life, you realize that the there is nothing wrong with the old friends and you keep them like one of those many timeless, classic shoes you own. and you invest new ones they way that you want to and in the end you have a collection that you can love deeply and count on for whatever you need whenever you need it.

bambino di dimora
Anonymous said…
Your Parental Units are really proud, although you fell off the "12 Step Shoe Program" wagon, at least you didn't throw in the towel and get five pair of shoes this time.

You done good, and after your summer of bug bites, difficulty finding the nearest Starbucks in your new city and major moving activities, you deserve a treat. Now let's climb back on the wagon, at least until you have to have a "birthday shoe fix"! LOL! LUVUMUCH

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