Sexy shoes and Good Undies

Miss Kim talked about me on her blog. (Check out the links). Yes, I do wear fur. It's very warm after skiing. I'm not stressed about the minks, they found a happy ever after at the dog food factory. Every part of that little bugger was used. And I sit on leather, both in my car and in my home. And I don't have to tell you that I wear leather on my feet. Not just "leather uppers" but I prefer the shoes that have real, old-fashined, leather soles too. Once you go there, its hard to go back.

Kim, girl, I was just giving you fair warning if we were going to be buds. But I have you know I treat the leather uppers and soled shoes like members of my family, sometimes even better than. They come to me and I give them climate controlled rooms with lots of light that I purchased directly from the Container Store. They have luxury front doors that slide in and out smoothly so they have no trauma. They get trips to the shoe hospital when necessary. And usually, all leather shoes are only in the finest company. Their neighbors are usually the likes of Guiseppe of the Italy Zanottis and Manolos of the Spain Blahniks. They never have to worry about mixing with the common athletic shoes or flip flops. And now, we have new and improved apartments in a specially designed closet. And when they travel, its always in style. First Class only, in traveling cases made especially for shoes by Hartmann. Don't worry, they have it good here and will never be in the company of something that will not break down in a landfill and pollute the planet. Even my flip flops are of good pedigree. As I told you, I do know you can get vegetarian shoes at Zappos, but they are not for me. A good pair of shoes can make a girl feel as sexy and powerful as good undies.


Lynda Scott (Part of Nina Foxx Clan) said…
Hey, I feel it's important to warn Kim that "pimp-slapping" Nina Foxx would involve
"pimp-slapping" a whole heap of family members too (we are a really big protective clan). I would say we are as passionate about folks trashing our family members, threatening "pimp-slapping", as she appears to be about meat, leather and the water (not sure I understood the water thing though?? what's that about???).
Lynda Scott said…
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Anonymous said…
We have your back on that one...

Haus der Junge
Sgt. @ Arms
Nina Foxx International Fan Club
Anonymous said…
who is MS Kim?
Kimberly said…
LOL! I ain't scurred of Nina or her clan... :Kim who is now hiding under her faux leather sofa::

You know I love ya chica, just lay off the animals, and no one gets hurt, or pimp slapped!

Anonymous said…

Well stated, and if the shoe elevates your foot to another level like the Madden Kisses I bought this year, buy every color!

R. Lynn Fields

Hillcrest High School and Fort Caroline Middle School loves you dearly!

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