Catching Up on The reading

With so much going on, its amazing that I had time to read anything at all, and I'm sure I will leave something off the list. But the kids are back in school and its back to business as usual.

1-The Secret Lives of Fortunate Wives by Sarah Stromeyer. This was an acceptable read. People in the suburbs have secrets. They are drug addicts or secretly broke or married but on the DL.....
2-Apex Hides the Hurt- Colson Whitehead. This was good enough that it made me want to go back and read The Intuitionist.
3-Tease-Suzanne Forster. I read this in June. What was it about again? Oh, yeah, It was erotica. And a little strange. Made me feel like she's really been inside an S & M club. Not that I have.
4-What's Done in the Dark, Gloria Mallet. Two sisters hate each other. It was a good story, except it was never clear why they hated each other so much. Sibling rivalry to the nth degree

The next two are probably tied for the best reads of the summer--
5-The Fortunate Son by Walter Mosley. Which one was fortunate, the rich one, or the one who was really at Peace and Poor. Sort of Siddartha for the modern set. You decide.
6. The Bitch Posse- Let's just say this is not chick lit. Excellent, excellent excellent. I didn't know what the deal was until the end. Great story telling but these were some pathetic friends.

happy Reading!


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