Summer Reading list 1

I have been procrastinating on posting my May reading list this time, probably because there was only one GREAT book in it. The rest were books that I had to finish since I'd started them.
1-Getting Even by Kayla Perrin. I waited to talk about this book in the SPice line of books. Spice books are erotic novels, and since I wanted to write them I have to do research, right? Great cover, but I had to ask the author some questions. Fortunately I was able to ask her at this year's Romantic Times Magazine conference.
I needed to know:
What's a nub? What does "smoking up" mean? It hit me during our conversation that although the book was supposed to take place in Atlanta, there were times when the characters slipped into Canadian-ese. You see, Kayla is from Canada. There were also times when the nuances of Black American "high society" were just missed and seemed, well just un-black. I did love the way she wove the women's stories together even if they never seemed to have any sex they enjoyed.

2-All you can Eat
- Emma Holly. This was the read of the month. A very sexy, erotic story with PLOT woven in. Loved it. Even if the two men and one woman scene was special. I'da never thought of that. I'm still trying to figure out if its humanly possible.

3-The Story of O
. Translated from French. Okay, this is supposed to be classic erotica but it was more like classic torture. It had a wired ending, and then a weird alternate ending that just wasn't satisfying (for me or the character). I never knew how O felt. In fact, it didn't seem like she was ever feeling, just acting, but maybe that is what French people thought was sexy in the early 1900's. Women weren't supposed to feel, just serve the men.

4. The Forbidden-LA Banks. More Vampire series. The last one was so sexy I thought this one would be too, but it didn't quite do the same thing to me. Instead, I got slowed down by all the numerology and other science the neterus kept throwing at me. But I'm still going to read the next one.

Happy Reading!


Kimberly said…
Hey Nina,
Anything Les writes in that hot Vampire Huntress Series of hers is amazing. She has a wonderful way of blending sexual tension with straight out sensuality that is hot as hell to me! Yeah...can you tell I dig her flow? *BIG SMILE*

I enjoy all types of romantic/women's fiction. I particularly enjoy the spicier side of romance. But as a woman who proudly writes for publishers that specialize in this, I like the blending of romance and eroticism and love that I am able to do this, with them and am TOO happy that there are are new lines opening up that welcome this as well.

To be honest, for now, no matter what, even in the mainstream novel I'm writing, If there is an intimate scene, I like it real. NO hiding. Give it to me...I can take it. ;)

much love,

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