Record heat Leaves ME Just Short of Crazy

Yesterday was the hottest day on record in central Texas and of course I would pick this day to check out a new mall in my new area. And yes, it was outside. The mall was beautiful, but who'da thunk that someone would envision an open air mall in this area of the country? These are fine, say in Detroit or southern california, but Texas? Lawd, Lawd, Lawd. I mean, there were water features everywhere and great stonework that you couldl hardly see because it was so hot it was like the air was wavering. You know what I mean, like on those old western films where people see mirages. So, maybe I wasn't at the mall, maybe when I realized that I was sweating (or glowing) in my designer jeans I started to imagine that I was in a mall. Several of the stores had the door wide open and I could feel the air conditioning hit me. Needless to say I lingered in front of thsoe stores, and then, when I couldn't take it anymore, I ducked into Neiman Marcus and just stayed for awhile. I gotta tell you, the twelve step shoe program is really working. I was able to visit several shoe stores and Neiman's where there was a sale and not even purchase so much as a shoe lace.

Speaking of buying, Just Short of Crazy is in stores now! Run, do not walk, or point and click and get yours now. RT Magazine gave it four stars and Dallas Morning News pegged it as a book to read this summer. What are you waiting for? Go. NOW! That means you.


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