Male Guest Blogger Rant....

The Woman's Fault???

A friend had forwarded me one of those things that tend to get forwarded around on the internet these days, and it had to do with the failure of Black Couple. The writer of the article intrigued me for a second, entertained me for a minute, then pissed me off the rest of my day. When I re-read and re-read this part of the article, I became increasingly incensed:

"While making public appearances across the country or crossing the church
parking lot, the same discussion continues to arise. "Why aren't our Black men
willing to commit to serious relationships that lead to marriage?" The short
answer is simple. In general, Black men are not typically inclined to put
themselves out when their women are already doing likewise; putting out. Whether
women realize it or not, their long-term relationship stock takes a sharp hit by
and large after giving up the keys to the kingdom without securing a signed
territorial deed."

Now I'm a brother who LOVES him some sisters....let's get that straight. I feel a big twinge of guilt when a brother doesn't do right by a sister, and I think we need to get back to treating our queens like queens so the "kingdom" can be whole. But that's another rant I'll go into.

But after reading this, I was ticked at how it comes to be a woman's fault.....So it is the fault of sexually empowered women that some sorry-assed brothers aren't involved -- PUH-LEEZE. I guess it's also the fault of educated women for being more accomplished than brothers (actually this point is becoming less a Black issue as women of all races in America increasingly out earn men, build more and more profitable businesses, earn more degrees and professional certifications than men, etc.). It is the fault of free women for not being in jail as much as brothers. It is the so-called righteous woman's fault for being raised rather than being spoiled like many a brother.

OK, I need to walk around the block. . . .

OK, I'm back. This is TOTAL bullshit. I guess the thing that really gets me is that this will seduce many folks into believing it is true. I can see hordes of sistah-girls nodding and accepting blame for turning out fabulous and not having an adequate help-mete there to keep up with them. Women need men who can lead them and be led by them in this world in my opinion...and way too many of us settle for less and find ways get by. I bet if more sisters became "disloyal" and gave more love to white men (which is growing I believe) because they are finding someone who can lead them and let them lead too, then brothers will come around.


Anonymous said…
Got to agree with the guest writer.What makes no sense in that idiotic chain mail is that at no time does he take any responsibility for his own short comings. C'mon bruh, you're perfect and all of our multi-hued, beautiful, intelligent nubian goddesses are coming up short? Brotherman please!

If all you're looking for is the keys to the kingdom to get your foot in the door, then that's as far you'll ever get. Note to all my foine(yeah i said it),hard working, sumptuous, black women: keep doin' the damn thing. Most of us brothers appreciate you for everything you are.

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