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Miss me? I took a week off from everything to enjoy spring break with my family. I even left my computer at home. I had technology withdrawal for a minute, but once I got past it, everything was good. We went to The Big Apple for a couple of days to take in a play and dined with local family members.
New York is really like Forrest Gump's box of chocolates. Everything was very different than my last visit.
Don't get me wrong, it was chilly and rainy last time, but this time is was hella cold. For a naturalized Texan such as myself, it was certainly stay in the house weather. I braved the elements even though the wind was fierce and whipped around my chibs like I had done something that deserved a beating. Well, maybe I did, but damn it was frigid. The people were nice this time and I had no Oprah-esque moments at establishments like I did last time at Manolo Blahniks. I'm still recovering. I haven't even been able to buy any Manolo's at Last Call. But then, again, I didn't go shopping (aaack!) Really. Not at all.
I wanted to go see WICKED, but didn't think my kids would sit through it, and family members traveling with us totally rebelled against seeing The Lion King again, so we ended up in Beauty and The Beast for a Wednesday matinee. The kids really enjoyed it, but I fell asleep. I promise I didn't snore. At least I don't think I did and I didn't miss anything, but I know the story. Basically, Beauty (and she wasn't all that beautiful. The actress had one HUGE chin going on. She looked like she was related to The Crimson Chin from The Fairly odd Parents) learns to love the ugly rich man that overlooks that she is smart instead of the egotistical handsome and popular peasant that is pursuing her. I'm sure you know the story, too.
It was torture, but we visited the American Girl Store. I stayed awake here. Little girl Heaven. I ask again, "Why in the world did I not think of this?" My youngest started screaming with glee as soon as we walked through the door, and my eldest tried to act non-chalant while her doll got her hair styled in the doll salon. My family and the dolls had a wonderful multiple course lunch where the dolls had their own seats at our table and even their very own teacups.
The concierge in our hotel ( made some great dining suggestions, but perhaps the best was the suggestion of a little Japanese place called East for our family dinner with cousins. East is right next to a more expensive place (think 100 per plate) that is twice their size, but they were certainly the find. Its a rather small place, the kind where actually Japanese people go and menus written in Japanese. The food was great and they had a two dollar sushi special. I'm a sushi lover but even the non sushi folk in our group were happy. I think the best part of many trips is the time with family, but this takes the cake. Cheap food that tastes good, and a whole bunch of black folks in a place that served Japanese hooch, low-calorie, good-tasting and guaranteed to leave you without a hangover the next day. 'Nuff said.
Anyway, you think you know your family, but its always a pleasure to learn something new about them. For instance I learned that my sister loved the Japanese Hooch and that she can clap her feet like a seal. She's mine though and we love her anyway. Of course I am completely dignified and do none of those things.

Oh, NEWSFLASH- My next book, Just Short of Crazy will be in the stores June 1. Go to Amazon (or Barnes & Noble or Black Images or Cush City of Karibu Books) and pre-order yours now. Pre-orders and sales in the first few weeks make all the difference in the world. This one is a follow up to Marrying Up. It has a little grit, a crazy stripper and some spurs thrown in for good measure.

Of course this means that if you haven't read Marrying Up, you have to get to it. Pick that one up from your favorite retailer, too.
And don't forget April 8. Marrying Up Hits the Stage in Opelika, Al. See the earlier post on how to get tickets. The next day it is in Meridian, Ms. Info is here.
I will be at both performance so I hope to see you there!


Anonymous said…
Stripper? Spurs! Think I'll pre-order my 10 copies right now...

Can't wait to read it!
Can't wait to read it!

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