TIVO and DVR Hell

We are being forced to watch TV in real time. Our TIVO unit is broken. I knew I was in for trouble when my little kid made the TIVO sound with her lips when a commercial came on. "Boop, boop" has become family speak fpr "Please fast forward through that dang commercial or part that is rated anything above PG." She looked at me with a perplexed look on her face as I tried to explain to her that TV didn't work like that. At least not anymore. She further did not understand that there were no more Scooby Do's on demand. It was about time she found out. She was asking us to "go back" at the movie theater, too. She would have been devasted had I told her that television did not always come in color, huh?
I feel like we are watching TV in slow motion. The sad part is, I am watching commericals with wonder, like I haven't seen them in ages. Well, I guess I haven't.
The upside is that I am not being forced to watch reality shows anymore. There aren't so many of them on this season and we can obviously only watch one at a time, unless of course we want to resort to using the old fashioned picture in picture technology or run between rooms to watch TV sets.
I know you are asking well, why don't we just run out to Best Buy or something and get us another unit. The answer: We are technology junkies. Someone in the house (not me), read on the web that DVR was coming out with a new unit that was better than the one we had. In a few days. Well, it has been a few days for weeks. The unit is delayed. In the meantime, the inmates are getting a little crazy and we are all stuck on the Disney Channel. I don't know how much more I can take of this. Maybe I'll start putting the kids to bed earlier so I can watch all those kid inappropriate shows again. Nip/Tuck and Desperate Housewives. sniff.


Anonymous said…
I had TIVO once, when it first came out. Loved it and when I got away from it, I felt just like you. "O, I missed that. Let me just rewind...I guess I missed it all together.
By the way, I heard about that new technology. I heard it won't be coming out this season... :( Tell your husband to bite the bullet...

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