DVR is back! I'm rescued

I had to put my foot down.

There would be no more waiting for new technology in this mouse. Either he would go out and get one or I would. Eithe way, there would be some TIVO up in my house before we went to bed. He laughed at me, did some internet searching, and then with a sigh he set out on his quest. He finally reaslized I was serious. I refused to be a slave to the television anymore. I would not watch in realtime, suffer through commercials or miss another episode of Nip/Tuck or Desperate Housewives because the kids were still awake. And no way was I going to catch them on re-run day. That is like watching football only on instant replay.
He was gone about an hour, then sheepishly crept back into our house, new box in hand. I waited patiently while he set it up and then placed the call to Direct TV so they could activate the new unit. I looked over at my other half and stretched out my hand.
'Let me have the remote." I knew that if I let him go too long, we would be stuck on the programming screen. He had been known to program for hours.
"The remote. Let me have it so I can program in my shows." Why was he messing with me?
He just looked at me like I had lost my mind. "Well, what do you want to see?"
"I can do it."
"But, I want to do it for you. Tell me. Nip/Yuck, right?"
"Nip TUCK. But I can do it. I want to see if its different."
"I don't think that is a good idea. You might mess it up and I would have to start over." He went back to pushing buttons.
I thought he was a smart man. I thought he'd realized how crazed I'd been after several weeks of TV in real time and then a holiday with the IN-laws. They had DISH on one TV and perpetual playstation on the other. I don't know what came over me but I felt myself being propelled through the air. I was like a grasshopper leaping ten times my height. I heard myself as if I was outside my body, words slurred in slow motion like an accident scene on TV. "GIVE ME THE REMOTE!" I snatched it from him with both hands and all of my force. My children watched with perpelexed looks on their faces as we tumbled back onto the sofa. They shrugged. I regained my composure and brushed off my clothes, settling back into my normal reserved and refined self. Defeated, he looked at me with his mouth agape and let me program my shows. He even let me give them higher priority than they had before.

Okay that is n't what really happened. He let me hold the remote for two seconds and he took it back and kept playing with the dang programming. I got bored and went to bed. Sigh. But the first story was much more interesting, right?


Anonymous said…
That was good, Nina. You almost convinced me to get Tivo again. After going out this weekend and getting a big screen high definition TV and surround sound system. But I'll wait. Got to get the digital cable first.
(by the way, is it a coincidence that there is a Tivo commercial on this site too)
Nina Foxx said…
No coincidence. Because I used the word TIVo in my blog, they put an ad on my site through adsense. The ads come from daily key word searches. Take a look at them if you haven't already. Don't get cable get a satellite. I'm a satellite fan.
Anonymous said…
I've thought hard about satellite. had it before. (Big dish first) Right now my cable, phone and internet are packaged together, and it ain't bad. I'm not home enough to really get into a lot of TV. But now that I have the big Toshiba, I may make more time. (just checking to see if any Toshiba commercials pop up)
Anonymous said…
toshiba! toshiba,toshiba,toshiba, toshiba.....(thought I'd help you out) ;-)

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