The Get Fit, Get Fine Plan

So far so good...on my get fit get fine plan. I started in January and have kept at it. After losing 35 lbs And maintaining lean muscle mass reasonably well, I am  within  4 lbs of my goal weight, and feel as if I am more than ready for the beach. There are several things that have helped me to stay focused on the prize. First, the hubster is right there with me, not just cheering me on, but participating as well. He's lost just as much as I have. Another is community. Yes, I do love my fitbit. There are many nights where I have gone out for a last run because I can't get less steps than so-and-so. So and so knows who they are. Next, my kids. Nothing feels better than having my teen tell me I'm fitter than her or my ass looks better than hers when she used to say things like, "mom, you look like you are pregnant" or "I like putting my head on your belly. It's like a pillow." Now her sideways compliments sound more like "Mom, your butt is finally bigger than your stomach." Thank you. Sort of.
A big motivator has been having a fitness goal as well as a weight loss goal, even if the fitness goal has been a moving one. First, I wanted to run, really run, a 5 k race. Check. then it changed to a 10k. Check. And now I'm up to half marathon.
For some of my friends, running a half marathon or even a full marathon, is like breathing, an aerobic piece  of cAke. Not so for me. It's a major accomplishment. You see, I hate running.
I kind of got into it just a little when they told me that I got to eat more carbs before my race. Since I've been on the get fit, get fine plan, my carbs have mainly come from leafy greens, fresh veggies and some whole grain products, but very few of those. TRaining for a half marathon means I get to eat pasta and Mexican food the week before.
This plan has helped me to discover all sorts of tidbits about my food tolerances that I didn't know before. We all know I like wine..,I mean, we make it so how could we not like it? And what goes better with wine than cheese? I did discover that I can't rally tolerate cheese and lose weight.
It caused my intestines to swell and swelling weighs something!
So last night, when we chose Mexican, I picked an item that had a minimum of cheese in it..,or so I thought.  Last night I experienced crazy stomach cramps...and you know what came after. Since I Am a  glass half full kind of girl (and extremely blessed I have a glass to contemplate, thank you), I can appreciate the upside of that experience...I woke up skinnier than when I started. (Yes, I know that is a little sick). I enjoyed admiring the look of my new belly button ring in my flatter-than-last week middle. Today, we start again and will have Italian for lunch. Yes, Pasta! Real pasta, not spaghetti squash faux imposter pasta.
So tomorrow, when I cross the finish line at the Seattle Rock and Roll half marathon..,and I will finish...not guarantee I will run the whole way, but I will finish...I will check another box on the get fit, get fine plan. I can't imagine I am going to fall in love  with marathons like my friend Jetola, but I am going to finish....and pick a new fitness goal. I think I want to compete in a figure competition by years end. We'll see how that goes. I may have to change to a Get fit, get FINER plan, 'cause the 40. Something's that compete are more together than the 20 something.  Cheer for me tomorrow...

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Your daughter is rough--LOL! Besides not having a pillow-like tummy you are healthier too :-)

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