New Year

I just got back to the West Coast last night, and I’m spending time in opening the holiday cards that came While I was away. I love the picture and the update cards the best. The holidays are a time when you can catch up with friends and family that you haven’t seen in a while, so I really appreciate it when someone takes the time to update me on their life and to actually mail me a card. I did get a few e-cards, but call me old-fashioned. They are just not the same. What do you think? I also came to the conclusion that mainly women send cards. Of about the 100 that I received, only one came from a male. Interesting.
I took the last two weeks of the year to rest and do absolutely nothing. When I left here, I had every intention of writing the last two weeks of the year away. But thankfully, my family didn’t let me do that. Instead they kept me occupied, sometimes occupied doing nothing, for most of the time I was gone. The end result is that I am refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to attack the new year. For instance, look at me I’m blogging. I haven’t blogged in a while. Instead, taking the shortcut and twittering or using face book.
I threw myself into my exercise routine today, and then came home and purged my closet of anything that I had not worn in at least a year. The result is that I can now do yoga in my closet if I wanted to. There is a lot more room, I discovered clothes that I didn’t know I had, and now there’s room for new stuff. YAY. new stuff. I feel somehow lighter, so much so that I may even purge my shoe closet.
And here is some Nina Foxx news. If you haven’t heard already, along with John Forbes, I recently completed the soundtrack to my new play Baby Mama Drama. If you haven’t checked it out, you can hear the music on and on my It is available for download on Amazon music downloads, And it’s coming to iTunes soon.
In other news, my short film/TV pilot, won another award. It is best short film in the New York installment of the New York Independent international film and video festival. It is also an official selection of the San Diego Black film Festival at the end of January. I’m looking forward to that one as it is the third largest Black film Festival in the United States.
Just last week, we completed working on Closer to Crazy. That is another short film that consists of mini episodes that I will eventually show on the Internet. I sent out a few film festival entries so keep your fingers crossed on that one.

Happy new year! Here’s to a great 2010!

Comments Angel said…
So funny to see you blogged today. We share the same spirit, proven by what you wrote. First off let me just say that you are even mentioned in my blog. You have and are doing things, accomplishing, expanding and to achieve new heights myself I try to draw energy from women like yourself. Otherwise...I, too, am disheartened by the technological receipt of holiday greetings, I rested the rest of 2009 and am now rejuvied; rode my bike on Monday and after dropping the Prince off at school this morning and going for another good work-out (to ready Waking with Enemies on the elliptical) after which I'm out my closet - bags for Battered Women Shelter already started. I praise God for this confirmation that I'm on the right path.

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