Dear Santa,
I got an e-mail from Black expressions book club this morning, asking if I was breaking up with them. I am a member, but I hadn’t ordered anything for a long time. In fact, I don’t even open the mail from them when I get it. When I get the e-mail from them, I click through to see which books are at the top, decline my monthly selections, and then I promptly go and download what’s interesting to me for my Sony e-book reader. For most books, that is the way I prefer to read them. True, there are some that I want to get a copy of, books that I think will be of historical importance. I purchased a hard copy of the new Toni Morrison book. I’ll read it eventually. I have to be in a Tony Morrison mood .I have become a technological reader.
I appreciate the sleekness of the SONY E-book Reader, although ease-of-use is not the best. Two years ago, it was fine. But that was before the Amazon Kindle was everywhere. I had to put the Kindle at the top of my Kaboodle list, even though I know it’s bigger, and more bulky, and frankly I was trying to wait for the new generation but who knows when that’s coming? I’m hoping that that will be the gift of choice for you, Santa, and once I get mine, I’ll keep my Sony e-book reader I’m sure, until I read all 49 books that I have on it. I do have some titles I’m sure I’ll read more than once. I’m going to gladly sacrifice some of the sleekness for convenience.
I’m still a book buyer. I maybe even buy more books than I did before. It’s just that my format of choice has changed. Santa, How do you think the modern bookstore is going to compete with technology? Do you think they’ll offer e-books stands where you can go and peruse a hard copy, and then download the e-book right your device? What will come of the book signing? Will authors have the capability to add an electronic thumb print to your file?
I’d probably stay with Sony if The client work on a Mac. It doesn’t. I know that there’s a popular workaround, but I don’t want a work around. I wanted dedicated client made for my Mac.
As it stands if I want to get a new book I have to switch to my PC. This means that I have to struggle with my kids to get it away from them, if they are using it because they prefer Mac too. Then, I have to find a cable, find the e-book reader, connect it, open the software, search for and download a book, and then sync the two. That’s becoming too many steps, especially when I know what the kindle its wireless. The other attraction is that magazines are available on the Kindle, Magazines I used to read gladly, but don’t necessarily want to subscribe to anymore because I don’t want the paper laying around my house. And there’s one final reason to get a Kindle. Oprah says so.

Thanks Santa.
Please check out the rest of my list in the sidebar.  I'll take all delivers at home this year, and I've been very good this year.


Anonymous said…
Good at being naughty, or good at being nice?

Papa Noel
The Jaded NYer said…
I hope nothing happens to traditional books... I can't read on a screen for too long. Headaches n such.
Nina Foxx said…
you really have to try an They've come an e-book reader. The liquid and gets really nice. They've come a long way from the Gemstar days.
Juan G said…
Had my Kindle at least a year now and really like the simulation of reading an actual book. Actually I'm brining it to Wroxton so I'll have plenty to read on the flights.

I actually ordered Toni M's new one for the Kindle and also bought the audio to put on my iPod. If you've never had the experience of Toni reading to you while you read it's worth a try. I did Beloved that way and had a new appreciation for the work. Also, did Lolita like that with Jeremy Irons as the reader.
Pam said…
That is a long wish list. Santa is going to have to bring in reinforcements.

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