Today is "book in store" day. Yep, my new book is finally here. Women read the title and they get it right away, but men? I'm not so sure. Guy, I'm not saying we don't need you. Of course we do. That's not the point.
Most people laugh when I tell them the name of my new book, but some ask me "What does your husband think about that?" You know what, he gets it.
No Girl Needs a Husband Seven Days a Week was not intended as an instructional manual on how to get rid of your bothersome significant other, instead it was supposed to be a look inside today's marriage. So many of us grow up looking for the knight in shining armour or the fairy tale happily ever after, only to be disappointed once we make the leap into matrimony. We find that its nothing like we thought and that "Until death do us part" may come earlier than we envisioned because one of us is plum going to kill the other.
Inside my story, you'll find three independent woman struggling to make their relationships and families work, while dealing with the not-so-picket fence demands of LIFE and the baggage they have brought with them.
I got the idea for the book from two sources. There was an article in the Chicago Sun-Times last summer, basically about the demise of marriage, and from looking at all my friends with commuter marriages. I have a very close friend and relative that has been married almost forty years (she got married when she was two). She lives in one state while her husband works in another. They get together on weekends and they have been doing this crazy commuter thing for almost ten years. Right after I got married, I asked her, "Don't you miss him?" She looked at me like I's lost my mind and uttered, "No girl needs a husband seven days a week." I saved that kernel and years later the idea for my book was born. Being separated from her husband part of the week has taught her how to be strong and solve her own problems (sometimes), just as my characters find that sometimes, they have to handle things for themselves. Sometimes, even though you are married, you have to rescue yourself.


Damian A. Davis said…
Congratulations, and the best to you on your new book!...

A wife or girlfriend about every other day (or when a game is not on) is just fine myself and most of Bruhs that I know. [*lol*]


Anonymous said…
Congrats and best of luck with the new work.

Think I need to write "No Man Needs a Wife Every Day of the Year, and Can't Handle a Girlfriend More than Four Times a Month".

Kidding. I really think you have a great story and I can't wait for the rest of the world to see how great it is.
Anonymous said…
Well I'm not so sure that women really "get" the idea that being away from their husbands will make them stronger. Because they seem to get quite upset when men don't spend enough time with them and are instead spending time at work or hanging out with their buddies or sneaking around with other women. They seem to think they should be home with them. They really don't seem to "get" the idea that their men are just trying to make them "stronger", by spending time with others. And those men who do spend time with their wives should be informed of the harm they are doing. We should tell them that their wives will never be "strong" unless they stop spending so much time with them. Instead of going home after work, stop at the local sports bar or stripper joint and spend time there. Same with your weekends. Your wife will some day thank you. Maybe.
Mega Rich said…
I definitely plan to pick up a copy and read it - then I'll review it over at my spot and spread the word. Sounds like a pretty good book.
Carleen Brice said…
Lovin' the title! Wishing you all the best with this one!

(BTW: We met at BEA a few years ago.)

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