Sigh.  You know stuff happens to me when I travel, right?  I thought I'd overcome the travel gremlin, but I was wrong.  I got back from San Diego late last night.  It was a quick trip, there and back, no room for error, or so I thought.  I covered all bases.  I was willing to risk being rusty, by removing all creams, lotions, potions, and lipsticks from my bag.  I even left my computer at home.
I hopped on my SouthWest plane so I could be on the west coast with a full day to burn.  I was ready, seeing as how I'd heard that it never rains in sunny southern california.
Ha! Ha! 
 When I stepped off the plane I had to double check the city I'd landed in. 
 It looked more like Seattle than San Diego.
The day was gray and overcast and it was COLD.  
No, strike that, freezing.
My leather coat that is a winter coat in San Antonio was being eaten whole by the San Diego chill.
I tugged it around my body, trying to keep out the cold and tried to find a Starbucks.
The beach is not pleasant in the cold.
My tootsies looked pretty in my alligator strappy sandals but they were quickly turning blue.
I did all my running aroundwhile I shivered, looking forward to retreating to my hotel room.
I finally got back there, late in the evening, cranked up the heat and phoned home to give folks the update. 
After about twenty minutes of yakking, I was no warmer, so I broke my own rule about day clothes in a night bed.  I crawled under the covers and tried to ignore the cold fog coming from my mouth.
This was more like an east coast winter than a west coast fall.
I checked the thermostat and my nose started to run.  
It was fifty six degrees inside.
I called the front desk and they apologized profusely.  
 I had checked in one day before they turned on the heat. Of course.
They offered me a space heater.
I waited, and after about a half hour, they called back to tell me they'd run out of space heaters.
Of course.  I wouldn't be me if things went as planned.
I put on my PJ's, and put my sweater back on on top, plus my jacket.
I wiped my nose for the tenth time and unmade the second bed in the room and transferred those covers, including the nasty, germ-full hotel quilt to the bed I planned to sleep in.
I crawled into the bed and wrapped up, but I was already cold to the bone.
As you can tell, I survived the night, and took a fast shower the next day.
Hopefully Miami will be better this weekend.


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