So I'm a techno-geek. I like gadgets almost as much as I like shoes. Almost. When I saw the MacWorld address and first glimpsed an Iphone, like everyone else, I got a little excited but I thought that was it. But I found out what stuff I was made of yesterday. I knew I would get an I-phone, but didn't know the jones for it would hit me like a addict fiending for a hit.
I got up yesterday, and decided I needed to bypass the multiple coffee machines in my house and go to Starbucks. Imagine my surprise when my car drove itself right past Starbucks and ended up cruising my local AT & T store. I needed to know if there was a line. Had people camped out? They hadn't. Relief.
I went back home and my family was still asleep, so I proceeded to go about my day.
I worked.
Ran errands.
Peeked at that AT & T store again.
uh-oh. There was a small line now.
We went to dinner. I found myself rushing them. Feeding my pre-teen with a spoon like her peas were pablum. If anything, I would buy it online, but you couldn't do that until 6pm Pacific time.
When I got home, I stood in my house, and it was like I was being drawn by a beacon of light. No, I wasn't dying. I had to get an Iphone.
I packed up my kids the car, tossed their shoes in behind them and headed to that AT &T store.
There was no line again. Not a good sign.
I let them draw me inside with their smiles.
And then they broke the news.
"Ms Foxx," they said, "We have no more phones. But we will gladly put you on our list--"
"The list? I shoulda been at the top of the list!" I knew I was in trouble because I felt myself starting to hyperventilate.
A young lady behind the counter took my hand and patted it. Normally I frown at such invasions of personal space by strangers. She puller me closer and I tensed, then she whispered in my ear. "Go To the Apple Store."
I sprang to action, yelling at my kids to hop back in the car, and we sped away. I texted my best friend, informing of the situation.
"Whaaaat!" was what I received back.
My daughter was screaming, "You're embarrassing me in my own car!"
I even paid five dollars to valet park at the mall. (This is a no no. If I have to pay, the valet person gets no tip.)
We jumped ut of the car and I tried not to run. (My shoes were cute but they were not made for running.)
We sauntered up to the Apple Store. A Genius at the door must have seen the desperation on my face.
"We saved you a few."
I relaxed.
My kids didn't even have time to play at the kidspot.
I walked up to the Genius Bar and slapped down the plastic wthout even checking my balance.
And they handed me a fancy little black bag that contained my smartly packaged iphone.
I sent another message to my friend.
"Mission Accomplished."
My shoulders relaxed, we retrieved my car and went home.
As we drove up in front of the house, my daughter asked, "When can I have mine?"
I didn't laugh. "When you save the money." (By the she does that they will be implanting i-phone chips in our heads.)
The rest of the house didn't even know I was gone.
"Where ya been?"
"Oh, nowhere."
I ran to the bathroom and carefully unwrapped the work of art. ( I don't know why I ran there I felt I needed privacy."
Was it worth it?


Anonymous said…
unlike our president, it seems your "mission accomplished" statement was true to the core.

i must admit, that i'm a tad stunned that your techno geek zeal ALMOST, (yes almost), rivals your shoe lust (or is it a fetish, an addiction perhaps?...actually, it likely is just an intrisic element of being ms. foxx)

anyway, i guess that just makes you a geek with good shoes if you sit and think about it, and i suppose there are worse things in life.

congrats on your score and i hope the tech proves more than worth it.

peace and pixels,
de la zorra
Arnel said…
When you told me on Friday I was laughing. Knew it would make it to your blog within days. I'm still laughing. Can't wait to hear if it REALLY is worth it. My wife has AT&T and we may have to get one
Arnel said…
By the way...did you too have activation problems
Mega Rich said…
You are serious about your shopping. Glad you like the phone. I just bought a Samsung BlackJack, so I'm not in the market for another phone at the moment. Maybe I should have waited. Oh well.

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