E-mail blunders

I read down the thread in forwarded emails. You find out interesting things when you do. I did that today and had to chuckle, I'm sure the original sender of the email did not intend for me to read the comment sent earlier to someone else. It was pretty harmless. Yes, it was a comment about me, and its a good thing I'm reasonably good natured or I'd be dusting off the pins I was planning to stick in that person's voodoo doll.
Just kidding.
There's no dust on them.
Seriously though, it got me thinking about all the email and cell phone faux pas that really burn me up.

1. Email is private. Even if its left open, Really. Just don't read someone else's. And if you do you can't be mad about what you find.
2. If you forward, delete the chain, unless you want it to be read. And delete the many cc's, especially on those horribly annoying chain emails.
3. Just don't send those chain emails. I've told you everything I intend to in those "getting to know you" emails. from this point on, I'm making it up. It's just so much more interesting.
4. If you must cc every one and their mother, blind cc them. That way you're not giving all your friends all of your other friends info. Just because you like those people doesn't mean there isn't a strange-0 among them.
5. Email is forever. Just because you delete it, doesn't mean everyone else will. It also doesn't meant they won't forward it all over creation, either. What you said in that private email can come back to haunt you.
6. Everything is harsher in the electronic world. People can't see your facial expressions. If what you wrote wasn't nice, it sounds meaner than you think, guaranteed.
7. It's really better to cuss someone out in person. See number six above.
7A. And if you have to cuss someone out, end with a nice closing like "Thank you" or "Best,".
8. All caps is yelling. I know it saves you time, but see number 6 and 7 above one more time.
9. Please punctuate. Even when you've had too much caffeine. Reading a big run-on sentence is tiring and makes you sound even crazier than you are.
10. But don't punctuate too much. Forgo ending every sentence with an exclamation point. That just reads strange. Try talking that way and you'll see what I mean.
11. Reply all. ACCCKK! Do you really have to? We actually don't need to know every detail.

I know there's more, but this is just off the top of my head.


Anonymous said…
Two additions:

#12. don't use your instant messaging acronyms in e-mail. IDK, UKWIM, and all that stuff is only for the context of text and makes you look so lazy in e-mail]

#13. Smiley faces, and frowny faces are ALWAYS appropriate. It can be a harsh medium, so give it some personality.

Adesewa said…
I agree 100%

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