We never know how bright a light is until its extinguished. Many of us are in the dark this morning. My friend, Soror and fellow author, Katherine D. Jones passed away last night.
We were going to have lunch today at PF Chang's to get together one last time before she moved to Germany with her husband, a career miitary man. Another author friend of mine asked me if she was sick.
I paused a minute before answering as an important realization hit me.
Katherine wasn't the type to talk about what was wrong with her, instead she would often tell you what was right.

She was happily married, witty and fun and showed us how to be a real SuperMom.

I'll let you know if they kick me out of PF Chang's for pouring a drink on the floor in memory of my friend.

Shine on, Kat.


Anonymous said…
bittersweet. i'll light a candle for her.
still grooven said…
life... *sigh*...

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