American Idol Mess

No way is Melinda going home. Melinda Doolittle was the most talented female vocalist in the dang competition. And I'm not just saying that because she was in Marrying Up either. It's fixed. I'm so done with American Idol.


Anonymous said…
my girlfriend told me that there is no way melynda could win the competition because it is not for the best singer, but the best idol potential.

and, sadly, jordin is the only choice. she's got a different look. she can play hispanic, black, not too black, or just hard to place anywhere. they will work her out vigourously so she will look smaller on screen and erase the very cute baby fat so she is more holly-woodable.

the girl can sing well, but that is just gravy on top of the package. she's very young, so they can sell her to young folks (i think melynda is a bit of a harder sell to the young folks).

blake is cool, but he will be the next pharrell or chad hugo and make money making music, not singing it. melynda will get a great contract and outsell everyone and jordin will be a star.

funny how dreamgirls finds a way to reapeat itself.

just my $.02

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