A Conversation with my Friend

My friend, Author Lori Bryant Woolridge looks hot in the feature on her in Essence Magazine. Please give a listen to us talking about what it means to be sexy and her new book, Weapons of Mass Seduction!

You can find it here:

Vixen Chronicles Podcast

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Anonymous said…
OK, I think your friend Lori was informed by a good man when she said what she thought was sexy in a woman. She is SO right. A woman who knows herself and is confident in herself is sexier than her hips that don't lie, the scent in her hair, or even the radiant smile that attracts folks to her in the first place.

Can't wait to read this one...I'm a dude and I like to have a little insights on how women flirt (we get clueless at times, and have to often have women friends/girlfrieds/wives actually tell us that a woman had flirted with us. I somehow doubt you will be as direct in what we really require, but I look forward to enjoying her efforts at delivering a little 411.


PS: I totally dig the multimedia interview. Voice, online, video -- very nice touches in reaching out to the world.

PPS: I totally understand where her kid came from in some regards. Would have understood it more if it were from a boy. I have a sort of hot mom, and while as I've aged, I've grown to appreciate her as a woman and am glad she gets attention. As her younger child, let's just say it has a very deflationary impact on a young man in certain situations. For examples: 1) I was busted twice pre-amourously by both parents on separate occasions. With Dad, it was "no sir, nothing is going on", giggle, giggle, then GO. With Mom, it was, "uuuhhhh, er um, nnnno, ma, ummm, just getting ready to go out", then GAME OVER. #2) One of my high school buddies asked me if it was cool to ask my sister out (a very respectful thing for a bro to do)....but I don't have a sister. He was macking on my mom! Needless to say, I nearly puked and he likely fantacised a day or two, took care of himself, then gouged his eyes out in some form. A sexy mom brings out something Oedipal, Pre-Oedipal, Super Oedipal - well, you are the psyche major, so you know what I mean. I feel some of what Lori's kid was feeling, but as her child grows, she will love that her mom is a hottie (which is good b/c that means she will probably be one when she is in the grown and sexy part of her life).

PPPS: And finally, you've touched on Rabbits and MILFs (I'd be very concerned about the porn my kid was watching if they told my wife that) in your blogs...one more racy reference, and you'll need anohter "X" in your name... ;-)
Anonymous said…
Does Ms. Lori have plans or partnerships with someone who plans to develop a man's version of this book? While we do tend to get a bit less stupid and a bit more successful and a hair more thoughtful as we grow up, we men need a little help on the whole seduction thing (especially the re-seduction I think she alluded to).

Or, can a brother use the same tools without becoming somewhat of a lesbian?

Pls advise,
Nice Podcast Nina! You go girl!
Anonymous said…
Women are so complex I think you can have a million different discussions on what is sexy and what weapons will work. Will admit men are too easy to seduce but keeping him interested that's where the magic is. Me I prefer an itelligent women who is easy on the eyes and very comfortable with herself.Talking, exchanging ideas. Also a woman with a just a little game about in her can go a long way. Looks also may not matter as much if she's put together well meaning style, panache and has personality.Ladies now c'mon! How many times have you seen a really ugly cat with a fly sister on his arm? How did he do it? Charm and wit and a dash of machismo. But that confidence factor is one thing most men or women will agree on is universally irresitable. Either you have it or you don't--can't fake it.

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