Travels, Tribulations and Turkey Day wishes

Never let it be said that I go anywhere quietly. I blew into Montgomery like a storm last week. Here are pictures from my trip. This is Montgomery AFTER I got settled in.

You see, I was mad because I had the trip from hell. A flight that should have taken only a few hours, took well over ten. I shoulda known I would have problems. First, I kept trying to get to terminal 2 where my flight was embarking, but kept ending up in terminal one. It was like I had stepped out of my car and fallen into the Twilight Zone or something. I could see the signs but I just couldn't get there.
When I left that afternoon, it was the windiest I'd ever seen it. So, windy in fact that they put us on the plane to Houston, then we sat on the ground for awhile. While we were waiting, the plane was rocking back and forth so much I was having flashbacks of New York City Subway cars. They decided then that they didn't know when we might be able to leave so they told us we had to de-plane. Apparently, the crew didn't want to wait on the ground for hours. We rushed off the plane and I realized that I couldn't find the little slip that was going to let me back on the plane. Folks crowded aroudn the counter, all worried about their connections. I never go time to stand in line, they suddenly made an announcement that said if they could get the plane in the air in twenty minutes, they could get us into Houston.
Well, you woulda thought they were calling the hogs home because a stampede ensued. As it turned out, I didn't need that little piece of paper, the gate agent looked terrified and he did the smart thing. He screamed like a little girl and just stepped out of the way and let the folks back on the dang plane. Anybody coulda ran up in there. We had the shortest safety spiel in history and took off in less than twenty minutes, but still over an hour late.
BUT, we had to wait for a runway, of course. I'd given up hope of making my connection by this time. The law of airplane flyng basically said that if you come in at gate A, your connection will most certainly be leaving out of gate Z. And if you've ever been to George Bush International, you know that trip can be almost as long as your flight was getting there.
Just like I thought, my flight was gone, but there was another in FOUR HOURS that would get me there. They assured me my luggage would go with me. Ha ha. But perhaps I would still make my dnner.
So, I went to the bowels of the airport to wait. And wait and wait. Then the time my flight was supposed to leave came and went, and I waited some more. You see, the ground stop was lifted, but alas, we had no crew.
The crew finnaly arrived, four hours after I was due to arrive in Montgomery. And guess what, my cell phone died and went to heaven. What was I gonna do? I needed to call my kids before they went to bed. I needed to call the TV station and let my dinner companion and ride to my hotel know I would be late. And then I spied that ancient contraption in the corner. You know, I think its called a pay phone. I wondered if it had an instruction manual.
I screamed into it like Alexander Graham Bell screamed into the string connected cans. No, I don't have any change. You see, I didn't realize that those coins had uses anymore other than living in the huge jar I'm pertually filling at home.
I finally got it to work and they were boarding my plane. Finally.
I grit my teeth. We went out what looked like an emergency exit door and WALKED ON THE TARMAC. Now I knew the root of all the problems. If they'd told me that this was a tarmac flight, a girl would have known what to expect. A tarmac flight to a regional airport. LAWD. That always mean trouble.
Also means that you shouldn't travel in stilettos. The plane was so small I had to hunch down and then squeeze into the single seat that really was built for a munchin. And the tarmac flights all seem to suffer from climate control problems. This one was no exception. It was so cold I could see my breath.
Montgomery at midnight. I stepped out of the plane and immediately knew my luggage was lost. I was not getting the vibes from my shoes. This was the same airport where the people that cleaned the plane were also the gate agents and probably the ground control crew. I was doomed.
Ours was the last flight and there we only two a day, both after five pm. That presented a small problem for me. I had a 6AM appearance on the Today in Alabama show, and then a book club event.
What was I going to do? I had no phone charger, no shoes, no makeup, no clothes. Did I mention no shoes?

Sigh. It got better.

My ride decided that since it was midnight, I should take a cab. Who could blame them, they went on the air at 3:30AM.
But that presented a small problem.
There were no cabs.
At all.

A nice couple tracked one down and let me share a ride to my hotel.

I had no clothes. And it was cold, cold, cold.

Everything worked out. I went shopping, got hooked up with a makeup artist and ended up feeling generally fabulous for the evening event.
Here's some pix....

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Tonya Terry is the anchor of the Today in Alabama Show, and she showed me quite the evening. It was a little uncanny because it was like one of the characters from my upcoming book was talking. I suffer from "If you write it, they will come." Usually I meet the people after the book was published, but this time I met her first. A little scary and I know you want more details, but you will just have to wait.

Peace, and have a Happy turkey day.
Gobble. Gobble.

OH, BTW, I really didn't cause the damage in the first pics. A tornado touched down at what used to be Montgomery's Fun Zone. There were 31 children inside. The building was flattened and they all got out without injury save two, and they only had minor injuries. How's that for a miracle?

OH, my luggage? It showed up on the conveyor belt when I landed in San Antonio, ending my trip. Thank you Continetal. You will get a bill for the clothes I had to buy. I'm trying to look on the bright side, At least all my clothes wee still clean when I got back.


Tonya Terry said…
You're fantastic! Beautiful and's just too much! Love your entry about the trials and tribultaions you endured to visit the Book Bunch here in Montgomery. The clean up continues. You have no idea how upset I'll be if I don't see you again soon. Nina oare an enigma and I hope just a little of your "amazing" rubbed off on me. Take care, hugs, kisses and Happy Thanksgiving!

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