Deep in it, Santa Wish Lists and Film Projects, The Ramblings of a Deranged Writer with a Deadline

I'm so deep in it. I have my nose to the grindstone, hoping to finish this manuscript before Christmas. I want to go on vacation and just vacation, na'mean? It probably won't work though, my mind is onto the next thing already, what I'm proposing next, the play, a film. I'm just busy as a bee.
I'm never quite sure how things are going to reveal themselves to me. People keep asking me, "Is the end written?" The answer: Hell Naw. Whatver I had in mind when I started this journey is long since out the window and the chracaters talk to me daily, revealing their actions. The Sims are in my head! The characters are loose! Yup, I'm crazy. People talk to me and I keep saying, That's it, that's what's next.
My friends know that this is known as my pensive period, the time when I don't get dressed or answer the phone or the door. When I'm at a stop, I may be caught haunting the malls, just haunting, not buying. ALTHOUGH, it is the holiday season. I'm an internet shopper. Ther's something about that damn point and click thing that is satifying to me. I have been known to look at something in the store, then go home only to purhcase it on the internet. If I have to buy it in person, I want to know if they can send it to me. Of course every other click is for me. I have to buy some things from my own wish list. I wouldn't want to leave it up to other people to do it for me.
I'm like that. I take care of things myself.
My own Santa. Yaay! My kids still believe, which is wonderful. Of course they are smart, especialy my older one. We have to be on our toes to keep her believing I have always told her that parents pay into the Santa Fund, Like social security, so if they don't act right I threaten to pay less. This is the only time of year where you get to say, "You better behave or I'm going to call Santa." And then I feign picking up the phoen and dialing or act liek I'm sending an email. The little one just melts when I do that. And yes, they know that Santa lives on the internet. (Hence all the pointing and clicking). And Santa's Helpers wear brown uniforms that look just like the ones the UPS guys wear. Every year they try their best to stay up late to see what Santa is bringing them. But they don't want to see him, not really, 'cause if they do then all their goodies will turn to coal. My favorite question-How in the world does that fat man fit down our little chimney?
I'm tricking them this year. Christmas has moved. Changed the date, yes I have. Santa will come early. Ha!
I had to give them a deadline for getting their Christmas Wish List in, other wise they keep changing it.What's on my wish list? I thought you'd never ask.
1-A Ramona Bag from Jimmy Choo in Watersnake
2-Ugg Boots-short
3-A short burberry quilted jacket
4-anything by John Hardy
5-White Versace Bag
6-Stuff from Lush
7-Gift Certificate to Victoria's Secret
8-Gift Certificate to Bath Junkie
9-An animated book trailer

I haven't chosen what Santa will bring me yet, but you are welcome to send things to my PO B BOx. :-)

Here's a Santa Video from AniBoom, a new site I discovered.

Which brings me to my next project, film. Working on one or I will be once this book is finished, btu Iw ill keep you posted. The script is already written. Like I said, I'm a do it yourself kinda girl. I think I have the film bug, but it looks like a lot of folks do.
Check out this trailer from my cousin, Hollie. Well, she's my sister's cousin's wife. Never mind. She is related, that' all you need to know.


Anonymous said…
seems like your Xmas list is a little bit short. You forgot:

- Panasonic HVX200 video recorder that every aspring filmmaker needs

- $5,000 gift card to Starbucks because you'll drink that in about a year and it beats carrying the cash

- A 2006 Range Rover Sport with leather interior and of course seat warmers

- Anyting Louis V

- Most things St. John

- Everything Missoni

- Cashmere sweatshirt since a girl likes to look and feel good even when slumming around on the weekend

- Chocolate covered chestnuts

- Trip to Oklahoma City in the spring (the best place to see a tornado, you know)

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