Shameless self-promotion

Can anybody say "soundtrack"? I had a surprise waiting for me at the Marrying Up opening. The producer, Garrett Davis, and the music director, John Forbes, had a CD sampler waiting for me that featured songs from the show and songs inspired by the show. I have had it in my car CD player and I gotta tell you that it is hot. Music either grows on me or it doesn't and this has certainly done it. I mean, I could have used it for a drink coaster or something, but its worth the money.
Of course you can hear the soundtrack song "Marrying Up" at my website, here are some links to some other sample tracks.
Open My Heart
This one features the fabulous Kim Flemming. This sister can sang! She is featured in the play as Athena.

How Many Times -This features the sexy Keith Floyd. Check him out in my last post. Lawd! Lawd! Lawd! Keith is featured as Tyson. He is in the second picture down in that post or in my photo album. He's in the center of picture 5.

Help Me. The singer is Casme Barnes. I think this and Marrying up are my favorite songs on the soundtrack. Casme is a young, singer, songer writer, fashion designer out of Lousiana and I'm sure we can expect big things from her soon.

Since you are checking out the music, be sure to check out the new and improved It has been re-organized just in time to feature my new book, Just Short of Crazy, in stores in June.

I don't have to tell you that early sales make or break a writer, and since I have two kids to send to college and a shoe habit to support, make sure you order yours NOW! you can order it from an online retailer like Amazon, B & N, Borders and and Black

Sign up for my mailing list from my website. I'm going to do a contest soon (within the next two weeks) to give away some CD samplers.

Here's a description of the book:
The supremely insightful author of "Going Buck Wild" and "Marrying Up" returns with a powerful novel of courage, change, and second chances in


Alexis Montague Pearson, the woman who had it all in Nina Foxx’s “Marrying Up” – the venture capitalist fiancĂ©, the diamond big enough to spot across the Texas plain and a law career on the rise - is back and JUST SHORT OF CRAZY (Avon Trade, On sale June 13, 2006, $12.95 US, ISBN: 0060847999).

When Alexis’ fiancĂ© walks out on her, she decides to set new goals for herself. To become a stronger woman, she must make some solid adjustments in her life. First she immerses herself in her work as a lawyer with an Austin firm, then the she trades in her high-maintenance weave for a short natural ‘do and finally she takes up Tae Kwon Do.

Alexis feels she’s on the path to higher self confidence – she doesn’t need a man to be happy. But when she accidentally breaks the arm of Remedy Brown in her Tae Kwon Do class, a whole new set of problems bloom. Remedy just might be the cure to what ails Alexis, but when Remedy’s ex-wife, Ayzah, comes to his aid at the ER, Alexis realizes that Remedy might not be worth the Baby Mama Drama that comes as part of his baggage.

Drawn to Remedy in a way she’d never thought she could be, Alexis wants the relationship to work. Only there’s one problem: Remedy’s unpredictable ex-wife refuses to stay out of the picture. With her life finally in order, is Alexis really crazy enough to want to risk it all again?

What are you waiting for? Go pre-order the book. I'm going shoe shopping.


Kimberly said…
Nina, in order for it to be true shameless have to upload the link to the music, girl! I want to hear it! Now I have to type in the url all by myself. My nails are wet. Don't make me do more work while you are off to buy shoes! *Big Whine*

Veronica said…

Hey, Soror!!! This is Veronica at Tennessee State University where rehearsal for Marrying Up were taking place. Let me say it was a pleasure to help Garrett bring your characters to life. One of my students is actually in the play, Walter (Jason Perrry), the fine white boy!!!! I must say that the soundtrack is wonderful and the title song just sticks with you. Like you there are several songs that I love. In fact, I love all of the songs!! I have to tell you that even though I had a copy of the book for a while, I finally got a chance to read it. Page one sent shivers down my spine and I settled in. I had finished it in 2 days and wanted more. I'm glad "Just short of crazy" is coming out in June. I can't wait. The characters really came to life for me. You are truly a talented writer. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work. Ohh, hold on Walter might have some songs in future shows. I was so inspired after reading the book, I wrote some lyrics for his character and passed them on to Garrett. When you hear that white boy sing, it will definitely change the way you look at your dating possibilities!!!!


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