Capitol 10K Capers

I ran the Capitol 10K this past weekend. I have been waiting about a year and a half for this one, and I finished in decent time too. I'm not ready for a marathon or anything, but I did make a good showing and actually sprint over the finish line. I was actually more ready last year, but come race day it was like rainy and cold and hell,that just didn't make sense. I knew it would be torture, so it didn't make sense to actually torture myself in the rain. That's like playing golf in weather that is too cold. Or too hot. So, although I had not trained for the race, the sun was shining this year and I said to myself, "Self, you can run this race." I got out of bed and put on my oversized shorts and rolled them down at the top,and then chose an appropriateley distracting t-shirt,complete with catchy phrase. I figuired people would be too busy reading my shirt to notice that I sucked as a runner.
The Cap 10 is that funny Austin-esque race where folks dress in costume. You read that right. I saw Big Bird, some men in negligees, and Popeye and Olive Oyl, and a whole group of peoeple wearing shorts that had butts on the outside of them. The police department recruits ran as a unit with someone caling cadence and it was pretty intimidating at first, that is until about mile 4 when I ran past of couple of the police wannabees who weren't quite making it. Oneor two were actually rolling around on the grass tryna act like they were stretching. That worried me a bit, because here I was, disguised as a runner and I was passing them.
There was also a Rasta man group with only one problem,they were all WHITE and were wearing those fake dreadloc wigs. Who told them they looked real?
I really did suck most of the race, that it until I saw the television boom. Then I ran like a cover girl turned olympian. I spruced up my sprint and snatched off my Athleta running cap while simulataneously letting my hair down so my locs could flow out behind me. In my mind it all happened in slow motion and I looked like I was running the beach in Baywatch, but with a better bra (to restrict inappropriate movement, of course). But then the image of Oprah running her marathon a few years ago flashed in my head. Remember that? Another Oprah-with-no-makeup moment? Thankfully I was able to duck out of the way of the cameras just in time.
They say that after running awhile you get runner's high. I can't say I experiening that, but after about mile three my body just didn't give a damn. It just kept going forward beause the end was closer than the start line. Besides, the route was lined with Austinites who had more sense than I did, and they woud have noticed if I were running back the way I had come. Instead of running on no sleep the morning after daylight savings, they were sitting on lawn chairs drinking coffee or beer and watching the rest of us act like idiots. A few had pity on us though. One family actually parked a port o potty on their lawn.
By mile 5 I was so hot that I actually ran under one man's hose. (Get your mind out of the gutter. The man was watering the runners.) This is a big deal because you may remember my encounters in Houston last summer. I just don't do natural water. I figured, or at least hoped, that since the water was piped through the hose it was no longer natural. I know he might have been siphoning Lake Austin and dumping unprocessed water on my head, but hell, I really didn't care at that point. I had run over five miles by then with more to come.
Finally, I spied the finish line and heard the race commentator cracking jokes as people hobbled the last few tenths, so that is when I broke into my famous finish sprint. Folks clapped and screamed around me, and no, I don't know if they were clapping for me or not. Let's just say they were. I hadn't achieved that runner's high. I didn't even feel good. Okay, I felt bad. I told my running buddy, "If I faint, Please don't let me hit the ground." And you know what, even though I am sure I slowed him down at several points during the race, he managed to smile and say, "You will never touch the ground."
Now that is a friend.
That one comment made the race worth it.
That and finishing ahead of the man in the chicken suit.


Anonymous said…
sounds like you had too much fun....when do you start training for that marathon. i am sure you can find some appropriate workout makeup so you will have a better moment than Oprah (or at least you'll present better than she did).

congrats on finishing!
Kimberly said… are too funny, girl! I loved it...the whole running baywatch locs flowing in the wind! HA! Can't wait to move to Texas...maybe you can inspire me to run a marathon...not. I'm not sweating my locs out, lol!

You Go Girl! That is something to be proud of.
Brandie said…


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