Reading List II

I have been doing a lot of reading this past month. Lots of time in cars and on planes. It scares a lot of folks that I read and drive. Doesn't everyone? ;-)
My book club selection was The Life of Pi. I forced myself to finish it and for the life of me I was trying to figure out why the hell everyone was raving about it. I was angry at the end when I found out the twist. I won't spoil it for you. Just skip to the last few chapters, though.
On to The Mermaid chair by Sue Monk Kidd. I liked this, although it wasn't as good as her Secret Life of Bees. Why they kept letting that poor woman cut off her fingers I don't know. I wanted her to run off with the priest though.

Grown Folks business by Victoria Christopher Murray. I am not a big Christian fiction reader but I enjoyed this. I didn't feel like I was being preached at and you know what, if we were faced with what the main character was, her husband came home and said he was leaving her for another man, I'd be praying and cussing and Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus and Ancestors know what else.
Twisted and Therapy, both by Jonathan Kellerman. I devoured them and haven't had time to digest them yet. Standard crime/suspense fare.
Genevieve by Eric Jerome Dickey. This was his best yet. Can you say sex, sex and more sex? In hindsight, it was nasty. The man had no idea it was his step daughter.

The Last of The Honky Tonk Angels by Marsha Moyer. Enjoyable. I picked it up last year at a conference and just got around to it. Very Texas. I would read something by her again. Non-fiction-Life -Finding Soul on the Path of The Orisa. It was well-written and informative. Just what I needed. Self-help meets spirituality.

I finished the month with Babylon Sisters by Pearl Cleage. She cleverly wove a character from someone else's story into her own. He had a minor role but was still there nonetheless. And then she built a story around a real issue. Hated that the culprit was who she was, though. It was a good read. I'm glad to see that The OG's are back in full force. I have books by BeBe moore Campbell and Terry McMillian in mind next. That is, AFTER I meet my own deadline.


Aries327 said…
I just stumbled across your blog. I didn't dig The Life of Pi, either. The ambiguity of truth, at the end, bothered the hell out of me and left me unsatisfied. I found that extremely rude.
Danyel said…
I am so happy you said that about Life of Pi! I am so tired of folks raving about it. YAWN!

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