Oprah's Blues

Okay, so Oprah got snubbed at Hermes. Let's get this straight. She was walking by the store WITHOUT HER MAKEUP in Paris, after hours and decided she wanted to pop in to buy something for her dinner. Okay. Let's start at the top. She was in Paris. Parisians have a reputation for not being friendly. Well, one of the things I figured out while I was there is that it is not that they are not friendly, the concept of customer service is different. Americans expect everyone to be nice to you, especially in stores, but in Paris, things seem to be based more on relationships. You go to the neighborhood grocery or baker. They know you. You have a relationship, so they are nice to you. If they don't know you, I found them to be equally rude to everyone. Even celebrities. Now, personally, I don't have a problem with that. I mean, as long as its not just me.
Two, She went to the store fifteen minutes after closing time. At least they talked to her. In the US, if you showed up at a door after closing time, they wouldn't have bothered to open it to speak to you, number one, and they probably would not even have made eye contact so they wouldn't have to see you little begging, puppy dog eyes at the window or your mouth as you contorted it into all sorts of curse words and choice names for their mama when you didn't open the door.
Three, and this is the biggest one. She didn't have on any makeup. I don't think I have to say anything here. Does anyone remember those pictures of Miss Oprah running that marathon a few years back? Without makeup? Enough said.
So, if Oprah wants to boycott Hermes, okay. I'm with her. It'll be hard for me to hold off on that next $10,000 bag though. A hardship, but I think I can manage.


Excellent stuff, Nina.

KL Johnson

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