Writing From Real Life

Every time I talk with Book clubs, I get asked if any of the things in my books are from life.  The answer is a definitive no…and yes.
This question made me chuckle when I was writing Nina Foxx books, but as Cynnamon Foster, it makes me guffaw with laughter, because what they are really asking is if my sex life is as filled with adventure as Desiree’s or Seria’s.  Let me just say, I am wonderfully happy in that area, but no, I don’t write from my life, at least not in that sense. I actually do a lot of research—but not the way you might think.  The publisher supplied me with animated visual aids (very, very funny!).  I also read a lot of titles in the genre as well as watch a lot of late night Showtime.
In Southern Comfort, my characters are frolicking in Texas, but in Eastern Spice (release date May 3, Ellora’s Cave), they embark on a far flung adventure briefly lading in Tokyo, and they in Bangalore, India. I started writing Eastern Spice before I had actually gone to India, after my husband went and he sent me a very interesting newspaper article that he found in an expatriate edition of The Financial Times.  An expatriate had been found dead.  Her death was mysterious, and of course my active imagination ran with that, coming up with all sorts of what ifs.
I’d written quite a bit before we embarked on an adventure of our own; we went to India and exchanged vows at the most famous testament to love on earth; the Taj Mahal.  It’s a long drive from anywhere to get there. Along the way, I marveled at the flavor of India and we enjoyed and explored her.  I fell in love with him all over again there, but I also fell in love with India, all if it.  The sights, smells, sounds and its general uniqueness.
I came home from that trip and started over on Eastern Spice, now able to put real details that I couldn’t before.  So, yes, I did write from life.  The hanger upon which my story is hung is very real, but the rest is pure fantasy, one that I hope you will enjoy.
You can get it from Ellora’s Cave first, on May 3rd, and shortly thereafter on Amazon and everywhere you buy an ebook.  Let me know what you think.


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