Looming Deadlines

Yup, I had a book deadline, and my time in the hospital, combined with my usual procrastination (including writing this blog) has left me seriously in danger of being late with this book.  I want to get it done before I get the revision letter for the last one, but that is terribly overdue now, too.  I was expecting them in December, so I could get them any minute. I really can’t afford to be late as I have a Nina Foxx deadline about 4 weeks after this one is done. I know I shouldn’t complain as some writers have no deadlines at all, other than those they impose on themselves.
 The book I’m working on is third in a series for Cynnamon Foster.  These are harder to write than anything Nina Foxx has worked on, for some reason.  I don’t know if its because they all take place in a foreign local and I can’t just take a walk or look out the window to orient the characters and instead have to rely on memory or photos I have taken, or if they are taking a long time because the deadlines are short and I really want to include the details, or if its just the sex.  
Many people I talk to ask if I’m in the books, but if this was based on life I’d have to time to write another book, for sure.  To tell the truth, I’m relying on the news, TV and reference tools to come up with new ways for the characters to get their groove on.  (Yes, there are reference tools for erotica writers, some complete with animation!) I’m also working hard to make sure the story is as good as the sexy parts so that there is something for everyone.  So often we have a book that is steamy, but the story isn’t so good, or a good story where the sexy parts are vague. I want  both in these books.  I want people to look back and say yes, that book was explicit, but look what it did for the genre.  


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