Postal Problems

A few weeks ago, I got a note, along with an envelope, in my mailbox notifying me that a package that had been sent to me was due postage. Okay, no biggie. I put the 40 cents it as short in the envelope and my package was delivered. I thought nothing of it. Then, the following week, the same thing happened. This time, though, the postman rang my bell and stuck his hand through my front door to receive the .23 due. Hmmm.

I realize the post office is having some bad times and they are cracking down, but this time, I was annoyed. If you are sending me a package, why can’t you put the right amount of postage on it since I have probably already paid for postage?

After being out of town a week, I was going through my mail and lo! and behold, another postage due notice. This time though, I checked the postmark. The package had actually been metered at a post office! What the...? You mean to tell me, you weigh something, meter it, then after it arrives you decide it costs more? I don’t think so! I don’t believe I should be held liable for your mistake. It seems to me that all of the USPS scales should be calibrated the same way. The package didn’t grow en-route, so it can’t possible way more than when it left its origin. Mr PostMaster, you should have measured right the first time. No wonder USPS is having problems.


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