Reconnecting for a New Year

I haven’t blogged in awhile. Truthfully, I haven’t been feeling it at all. I do know many of you have been keeping up with me on Facebook and Twitter.

I celebrated my birthday this past weekend. (Let’s just say it was an anniversary of thirty five). I’ve had a great year that has been full of lots of life changes. Since last October, I’ve done a lot of great traveling to a lot of great places, and yes, I have looked for shoes in all of them. I also made some personal changes that have left me loads happier and looking forward to great future.

I completed a TV Pilot, and although I have not sold it, it has won a few awards. Most recently, it won Best TV Pilot at the Urban Media Makers Film Festival In Atlanta ON MY BIRTHDAY. Yaay! It was a great event, and they even had a runway, so you know I had to strut my stuff on it! Seriously, Cheryle Reynolds put on a fantastic event and I was honored to be in such great company.
If you want to see the sizzle of the film, see it here,

Or, if you are in New York this upcoming Thursday or Friday, you can see it at the New York International Film and Video Festival.

I have few things up my sleeve. Since I’m a west coast girl now, I have been doing more and more film work.

Look for a new and improved, coming and day now.


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