Why does my kid need Uggs?

When your kids wear uniforms to school, its sometimes very easy to forget that they do need other clothes and shoes on the weekend. Mine do his funny thing, too. One day, their clothes fit just fine, and then they grow overnight. Jeans that fit perfectly well the night before look like pedal pushers the next morning, or their favorite shoes won’t fit anymore unless you cut of a toe, and kids get pretty testy if you do that (go figure).
        It happened to me this Saturday morning. SoCal was mysteriously cold(e.g. below 60), anything warm would not fit, and it would have just looked like child abuse if I went outside in my shooties and German sweater and my kid was following behind me in shorts and cheapie flip flops. (We aren’t going to mention other kid who wears shorts everyday anyway. I’m talking about the kid to whom I can still dictate choice of clothing).
        I took one look at her outfit and decided that the first stop would be the shoe department. They gladly hopped in the car and stormed Nordstrom’s when we arrived. I just knew my kid would head straight for any shoe that sparkled or lit up or was puke pink. That’s what she normally does. Last year, she wore pink cowboy boots until I had to perform a SWAT operation to retrieve them from her room when she was sleeping because they were too small.
        Those days are gone. This kid doesn’t weigh forty pounds and in less than 10 seconds, she had a pair of UGGs in each hand, contemplating color and height. How did this happen? Who slipped my kid a fashionista pill? When had my sweet, wear what mom says, loves pink and frills kid gone other to the dark side?
I tried to talk her out of them, tried to convince her that the sparkly half the price shoes were far better. She wasn’t buying it and immediately go to the “Please-mommy-please-I’ll-be-good-forever” stage of begging.
Yeah, you know I gave in, but I was exhausted then, done with shopping. I felt miserable about it too, for just a minute. the girl wore them out of the store, skipped away happily. She made my day right after that though. When we got home, she ran up the steps and yelled over her shoulder, “Thanks, Mom. You’re the best. My Uggs are so warm. I love them.”
UGGS- 119 bucks. Unsolicited Thanks and Kudos from baby girl-Priceless.


Anonymous said…






Your need to satisfy her want...

It's all good thought -- a "mommy shoe-shonista" must do what she must do to ensure your offspring carry forward the passion for shoes.
Xylina said…
how do i subscribe to ur blog?
Nina Foxx said…
try clicking on the rss feed button.

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