Do you tweet? I wake up every morning and I check my-Twitter. I need to keep up with my fellow Twitizens. It's addictive. I can't help it. Since I joined, I update about 3 or 4 times a day.
Yesterday, there was a tweet from one of my mutual followers, remarking that they couldn't believe that Christina Applegate had opted for a double mastectomy. They said that maybe her actions were a bit extreme.
My response was something like "Your boobies, or your life?"
Maybe my response was a little harsh, but I applaud Christina's bravery, for opting to make the choice that will keep her level of worry the lowest, and then for going public with it. her actions will help educate a whole lot of people. I think I would make the same choice.
Perhaps Christina and I both share some history. Both of our mother's battled breast cancer. Mine lost before she was forty.
I have had at least two scares myself, and each time while I awaited the results of the biopsy, I thought about what I would do.
I like my boobs, they aren't bad as boobs go, but I do believe they could make me the bionic woman and build them bigger and better than they were before. It'd probably be the painful choice in more ways than one, but I now live with the legacy that breast cancer has left behind, and it ain't good. If faced with the choice, I owe it to my kids and my family to do everything I can to stay around as long as possible.

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The Jaded NYer said…
you weren't harsh; you forget I'm from BK! lol

I was unaware of her family history or the seriousness of her condition, which is why I questioned her decision. But in her case it makes sense.
Anonymous said…
I dig her decision too. She's still beautiful (inside and out -- and don't worry, I still don't play in the snow, but she'll still be Hollywood Hot).

Plus she's decided that her health is more important her appearance. I hope that's the start of folks focusing on what's truly great a out us rather than what folks can appreciate on the outside.

I'd be lying if I said looks don't matter in this world, but when we place so much emphasis on a good rack instead of the total package, then we're in the wrong spot.

Besides, I'm an ass man.

Casa Chico de la Zorra

And a woman would still be attractive if she had to have an ass-ectomy -- as long as she takes care of who she is instead of what she is.
Reinestorm said…
I agree. I heard a news report once that stated that most young women opted for a masectomony when their mother had breast cancer. I agree with Christina's decision. I got into an argument with one of my friends who said that decision took the will of God out of their lives. But My response was "I don't think God put all of these medical advances in our lives just to be ignored". Besides women for too long have let the measure of our womenhood lie in our breasts and butts. I'm glad she made a decision she could live with and stand behind. The beautiful thing is that she shared her experience. Maybe it can help someone who's going through the same thing.

By the way,

Hi, Nina. It's been a while since I checked in with your blog. I'm glad you're still posting. I can't wait for your next book.

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