I haven't blogged in awhile because I had nothing to say, nothing I
was excited about, but today that changed. I arrived home from an
out of town trip to find a package on my doorstep, one that I'd been
waiting for awhile, three weeks to be exact. Three weeks ago, my
favorite jeans developed a hole. Now that they've added lycra to
things, jeans will run on you like pantyhose, and my did, in a place
I couldn't cover up. I was devastated. These weren't old navy sale
jeans, but 200 dollar/pair jobs, ones that I'd had for two years.
I'd tried on no less than thirty pairs to find them. I'm sure most of
you ladies can relate, especially if you are curvy. Good jeans are
hard to find, and these were not only good, but comfortable and
broken in, the kind you always grabbed first, that make you look hot
on the worst of days.
I took a picture of the hole and sent it it my sister. She's my
fashion consultant, my go-to girl. I wanted to know if I could get
away with a patch on the hole.
After she stopped laughing at me, she tried to coax me into just
tossing my beloved jeans. "You'll look like a hippie!"
I wasn't going to be deterred. I did an internet search on how to
patch jeans. I was depressed, but then I found Denim Therapy.
They claimed they could Fix, not patch my jeans, said it would be
invisible. Instead of a patch, they would re-weave the fabric to
make jeans fabulous again.
I decided to try it. What did I have to lose? The jeans were beyond
my repair skills
I filled out a form and they emailed me a shipping label and a
diagram of a pair of jeans. I was supposed to mark it, showing them
the exact area I needed repaired, which I did.
I packed up my beloved jeans, let the UPS dude pry them from my
hands, and I waited.
After three days I got an email with an estimate. 50 bucks. 50
bucks, and I would have my hip-huggers back.
I calculated the time I would spend trying to find a new pair of best
friend jeans, the cost of the time I would spend making them feel
like the ones I had sent in felt, and decided it was worth it.
I emailed my go ahead, and then, two weeks later, almost to the day
that I mailed them, I got them back. I was so excited, I undressed
in front of a window. Its kind of a good thing I have no neighbors.
And my jeans were perfect!
There's some white mesh stuff of the inside and I can see the reweave
a little on the inside, but from the outside they are perfect. Looks
like they never had a hole. I can be dressed again.


Adesewa said…
this is good to know! I have thrown away some good pairs of jeans due unfixable holes!
Michelle Monkou said…
I just threw out a pair that were worn. I have the same problem in finding a pair to fit the curves. I'm upset that I ditched them. Now I'm on the hunt.

Good for you and your tenacity.


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