Marrying UP!

So, I just go up from a twelve hour power nap. Executive production is sleep deprivation at its finest. The play opened and had a great weekend with an almost sold out show on Saturday. I learned a lot from this process.
First, People really like a woman with a gun. I had no idea that Dina (AKA NINA) would be such a hit, even though she was obviously supremely evil. I REALLY dug the mean woman with a gun and hot shoes myself. Of course the character was a shoe diva!
Second, I learned that your employees will eat your profits if left alone. That's right. I have video of my staff happily eating M & M's at the concession stand. I know who you are and you will be fined accordingly.
Third, I learned that there is no modesty in theater.
I had a cameo, but since the role was so small, I didn't have a mike. I had to share one with Li'L G since were were never on stage at the same time.
Logistically, it seemed like no problem to do a ten second mike change.
For the unfamiliar, the mike is on an elastic belt that velcros around your waist UNDER your clothes and then you place the ear piece on your ear.
Well, I stepped off stage ready to change mikes behind the scenes, and realized I had on a suit. So I unzipped quickly and ripped my shirt open, basically flashing the man and exposing my boobalas for the world to see. Of course, he was the ultimate professional. He didn't even miss a beat as he "dressed" me, even though with my four inch heels, his face was right at cleavage height. Another actor stood gaping. he couldn't believe he was seeing his boss in her skivvies. What I didn't realize was I wasn't far enough in the wings. I think I flashed some of the front row audience too. Good thing I was wearing a good bra!

Here's a clip. Sorry about the Cloverfield effect.


Anonymous said…
congrats!!!! the play was almost as fabulous as you are, and don't get me started on your shoes (wish I could comment on the bra, but i was too far back to critique your not-so-unmentionables).

the cast was good. good singing, pretty good performances, and the set worked out quite nicely.

you did the evil pretty well, but some say an actor in the moment can pull that part from themselves that is needed for the moment at hand...guess you found that part of you that was necessary.

i'm glad the crew got some M&Ms out of the gotta get something above slave wages when you are being driven by a media mogul.

hope you take the show on the road, and can't wait for the movie. i'm guessing with the response you got on the play that you have publishers, promoters and producers trying to get a piece of the nina foxx magic.

Anonymous said…
I'm sooo proud of you! This was once just a thought, an idea, a vision but by God's grace YOu worked Hard and it payed off! I loved it! :-) The theme song is very nice...the lady singing is Fab too
God bless you!
Keep turning dreams into reality! (not just your own but you made a way for others to do the same!)

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