On The Set

I went downtown three times today. Between visiting radio stations, pulling tickets from the box office and checking on the set, whew. I must have driven 100 miles or more. But it was all worth it, because at 5:21 PM this afternoon, I heard my name in lights, yessireeebob. The radio commercial for the play went live and I couldn't help but do the happy dance. My daughter heard it,too and she came running to my room. I am a rockstar in her eyes once again.

I went and looked at the beginning of the set building yesterday. We got past the sketches, but I gotta tell you, I held my breath the whole time. It still looks like sticks and straw to me. Or metal and wood, but Mark Sullivan from the SA Film District has a vision.

Here's a clip.


Anonymous said…
ok, so this guy LOOKS like a genius. for some reason, i feel like you are in very good hands.

now why isn't your commercial running on your blog or website?

never miss a chance to run a flight of your marcom on properties you own. (that's a maxim from a marketing guru i know....)

all the best on this exciting endeavor.

luv ya!
foxx fan
Anonymous said…
Are you sure about this guy? The guy who did the commercial was the bomb! This guy makes me wonder. :)
I know it will turn out great in the end...you'll see once it gets on stage.
(and I notice you wear heals just about everywhere...he was totally underdressed to meet with you)
Nina Foxx said…
Sometimes you just have to trust!

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