The Things The Femme Fantastik will Teach you about your friends/ The Femmes A la Mode

The Texas/Oklahoma leg of the Femme Tour was fabulous, of course. We broke in Berta by meeting her at the door with a new Femmetini. Reshonda got to watch Hell Date to her heart's content and carmen is now hooked on it too.

Things I learned:
One of us knows her way around a bar. Like for real. She can make a delicious tasting drink with whatever you happen to have in your refrigerator. No names. But I think its one of her weapons.
Another one of us can really drink anything. Again, no names, but she's new.
One of us can't drink at all. Its just not a good idea to let her imbibe then attempt steps.
Another one will steal your Tums. The girl asked me for one and then took the whole bottle and put it in her bag. I'm told that the girls ate them as after dinner mints in Oklahoma.
One of us REALLY can't eat fast food. The rest of the people in the car regretted that stop at Wendy's between Killeen and San Antonio for the WHOLE trip.
The highlight for me is when we killed time in a shoe store. We entered and all immediately went to a different corner and picked up a shoe. If a shoe tells your personality, its a wonder we're all friends. All the shoes were different.
One of us is practical. (It wasn't me). That Femme picked up a sensible looking flat shoe.
Another of us picked up a shoe boot looking thing. Not cute, but trendy. (Not me, but she's new. If the shoe fits...).
The third picked up a sexy but classic number. (This Femme is from the north and has lots of weapons in her arsenal)
And the fourth Femme picked up Leopard print, pony hair, sky high stilletto mules.
Trips like these leave you learning a lot about your friends.

Oh, and I was patient while they acted like tourists at the Alamo. Femmes Alamo-ed. Sorry about the pun. I couldn't resist.
Can you guess which Femme was which?

Here's the pictures...


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