White Linen with a Little Chocolate in Hotlanta

I have fun every time I go to Atlanta. Last weekend was no different. I was there Hank Stewart's Sixth Annual White Linen Affair. It was interesting although felt like the odd-woman out (or at least the only heathen). Most of the authors were Christian fiction, but I got a chance to talk to some old and new friends. I met up with old friend Victoria Christopher Murray. Here she is telling us the four ways to handle a breakup. Pay particular attention to the glee she expresses when she is talking about slashing. Okay, just kidding...

Then there was author Sherry Lewis, whom I met first on My Space...

and last but not least, Children's Book author, Diane Mason.

The funny for me? CeCe Micheala looked at me and I looked at her. We both had one of those "I know I know you moments" about each other.....

I also had a chance to check out the new restaurant Geisha House Sort of Nuevo Japanese. The food was good but very small and a bit overpriced, but you know what? The company was excellent.

I'll be hiding out at home for a bit, btu in a few weeks I hope to be blogging from the Road. I'll be part of the Soul Expressions Literary (Bus) Tour sponsored by Walmart/Levy. keep an eye out for that.


Anonymous said…
I'm having a bit of cognitive dissonance...I have trouble mingling (Foxx, Neuvo Japanese, and Chocolate) and (Walmart, bus, linen and road tour).

I can't wait to see the blogs from the road as you hit the highway and get yourself from city to city inside something bigger than an SUV that doesn't have wings and isn't a stretch limo. Should be fun...well, at least funny.
Mega Rich said…
Now see, somebody forget to put me on the list, because I was all the way in Chi-town. Go figure. Looks like a good time was had by all.

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