The Papers have been Served

I've had my last blue screen. Alas, I got a technology divorce yesterday. Sort of. I've given up the PC, made the big switch. I have officially become a MAC convert.
Not makeup, the computer.
I've played with the idea before. Way back in the dinosaur days of computing, I almost interned at Apple, as a grad student. California was too far though and I took money over gadgets and went to AT & T instead. Over the years, I was in almost total Mac ingnorance and I treatd MAC users as somewhat of an anomaly and annoyance, using the excuse that, yes, they might appear to be more stable, but you can't talk to anyone else and no software is compatible.
And then I got one.
I was seduced by the sexy black color and quirky commercials.
Seduced by the shiny exterior of the store in the mall.
Grabbed by the gadetry.
Turns out that most of that not compatible stuff is now a myth, and I found that I was not alone in carrying my sexy, seek lookign new laptop when I was in the UK. About half of the writers were mac-heads.
I have to admit it was a surprise, a pleasant one when I removed the thing from its sexy and simple packaging.
Very Zen.
I expected a long setup like you get with PC's, and you know what, it didn't happen. I turned the thing on and you know what, it started right up. Immediately. And now I can video conference wiht my kids, and do podcasts and why stop there?
I added an I-pod, fifth gen. This was my second foray into I-pod land. Being the early adopter that I am, I had one of the early ones. It didn't work too well with my PC and I was frustrated, so I sold it, but I'm back. And it works great too.
So, I had a six year old HP printer that only works when it wanted to, so of course I needed one of those two. Apple Store here I come. This may be the sexiet place in the dang mall.
My kids were quiet as they each attached themselves to a computer. They didn't fight, scream or run around. It was like Xanax for kids.
I frolicked in the aisles and canoodled with the folks at The Genius Bar. If I were the kind that needed instruction, they would help.
I found software that I needed( actually a Genius found it for me andeventoldme how to save cash on it.) A cool Kimono for my I-pod (I wouldn't want it to be undressed), and finally a printer.
It was half the size of the dino saur I had at home and much sexier looking. (Yes, I like my electronics hot).
The printer sat in the box for two days because I just didn't want to deal with it, but I finally opened it yesterday.
And that's when I served my old desktop its papers.
There were just too many dang wires.
And one too many blue screens and stop errors. And a virus every other day. It was a sickly thing.
I almost hyperventilated at the thought of moving files. Anyone who has ever changed computers has experienced that pain. Turns out moving files was a breeze. Not much more than a drag and drop kind of operation.
I started yanking out wires like I was ripping out old IV's. I was tired of the mess.
The new printer was wireless.
Setup was a breeze. Everyone in the house can print now, without using my computer.
And I am a MAC convert.
It was a stressful process. I was tense as unhooked and unscrewed and untangled my life. Was I a traitor? I did used to work for Dell.
I shook off the trepidation I was feeling and just did it and the transition was smooth. My conscious is clear and my desk is less cluttered.
Now I just have to wait for the iphone.


Rich in the Stl said…
My wife has an MIS Degree and is totally into PC's. It's a love hate relationship as you know, but she fights for it tooth and nail.

Imagine her shock when I told her I was tired of all her warnings of "don't do this and you can't download that and I don't want itunes on the PC, it's messing it up. Guess what Baby, I'm getting a Macbook!"

"What!" she replied. "I wouldn't advise it. I don't know anything about those and I won't be able to fix it if something happens to it."

"Sweetie, I'll take my chances. Everyone I know who has a MAC speaks the world of them."

"If you say so, but I wouldn't if I were you."

Meanwhile, she throws a fit if the kids ask to get on it for fear it will crash.

I haven't gotten my Macbook yet, but I can't wait for the day she asks to borrow mine because her IBM compatible PC has some nasty trojan virus.

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