BollyWood and The Choos have it

Bollywood strikes again. I got this in an email today. They are copying Michael Jackson back when he still looked half way normal, Yes, it was the eighties and he did have a Gheri Curl, but at least he was still brown. Check it out.

I just got an email form my sister in the Boogie Down (That would be The Bronx for those of you who don't know), that Just Short of Crazy is the book of the MOnth on Power 105.1FM. Yaaayyy! New York!

And finally, I got the best email from Jim at Jimmy Choo. He prepared a video presentation of the vintage shoes that Jimmy Choo is reissuing and emailed it to me. It was narrated and everything. I mean how is a girl supposed to not fall off the wagon with salesmanship like that? Lawd, ha mercey Jesus, Mohammed and Buddha! Give that man a raise. All his email said was "Hello Gorgeous. How many Pairs do you want?" The shoes spoke for themselves.

Which do you think I chose?

THIS is exactly why I shop at Jimmy Choo. THIS is what customer service is about.

You have just seen my birthday wish list. Jim at Jimmy Choo in Dallas knows my size and will know where to send it. Thank you so much for thinking of me on my birthday.


Anonymous said…
Any on your list will suit you fine. Hey it's Jimmy Choo? How can any choice you make not be the right one?! Video was hilarious. Thriller with a Mumbai remix.

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