Good Books on The HIgh Seas

I am on the African America Summit at Sea on the Carnival Pride now. We set sail yesterday afternoon from Long Beach and it was good to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. Some of the folks here I haven;t heard from since the big Texas Evacuation a few weeks ago. They are much happier now, knowing that their homes did not float away. I haven;t had a chance to blog about evacuation Texas style. When we got work that Rita was on its way, I got a call from a friend. All she said was, "You now, I may me coming your way in a day or so." It didn't even dawn in me to say no, especially when they called back to say they were definitely coming and they were bringing my favorite martini olives. Now, that's a hostess gift. I went to the store and braved the mobs to prepare for the inevitable influx of coastal friends.
Well, needless to say, although Houston is no more that a couple hours drive, they finally made it almost twelve hours later and a supermarket shopping frenzy later. I was a little panicked after Katrina, but in the end, all was good. My book friends arrived with bells on, martini olives in hand. We hugged, all relieved that they had escaped the traffic snafu and arrived safely. "How did you decide what to bring?" I asked. I couldn't imagine having to decide what was important and what wasn't. "You don't seem to have as much as I thought you would." She pulled out her goodies. My friend had bought important family photos, her important papers and the contents of her bar.
It was like a big party for two days. Her husband made drinks like we were already on this cruise. We even discussed that they had considered bringing their cruise clothes because no matter what the outcome of this storm, they intended to end up on this boat. The whole time they were at my house, they stayed pretty jovial, even making jokes about which way they wanted their house to blow down in the event that it did. I couldn't imaginebeing so calm. And then I found out that my friend was crying in my guest room. Not for herself or the possibility that she might loose everything that she and her husband worked for. She was crying because of the bus of senior citizens that caught on fire.
I was and still am amazed and humbled. Made me wonder what I would be concerned about in the event of a natural disaster.


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