Peace Pipe

The highlight of my Oprah Weekend was not what you would expect. First, Dallas was in for record heat. If you know Dallas, you know then that it was hot as hell. We thought we might walk the block and a half from our hotel to the convention center, but after we took three steps outside we quickly changed our minds and hopped in a cab. Staying dry an extra minute was well worth the two buck ride. We spotted lots of folks we knew while we waiting in the throng outside. At two minutes past ten, they began to let us into big Expo like setting. There was a warning on our tickets that sid no one would be admitted after 11:30 even though Oprah wasn't set to speak until one. Perhaps this was to make sure you went through every Disneyworld like line to get coupons or small gifts from the sponsors. Mots of them were cute things, things I might use. Diet Rite gave us samples and coupons, Maybelline was doing makeovers (I passed on that one. C'mon, was I really gonna to let them take off My MAC and Laura Mercier to put on Maybelline? I think not). Toyota gave away a car (or so they say, I didn't stay to find out.) I didn't win.
And then came Oprah. She spoke for well over three hours and kept everyone's attention too. She was quite poised in her Manolos and didn't sit down until she got to the quetsion and answer period. Then, she looked like she was trying to get them off her feet but thought better of it. There was maybe one meaningful question. Most of it boiled down to the fact that people were in awe of her and starstruck and just wanted things from her. After she was done, they tried to herd us back into the expo area, but we opted instead to grab our goodies and go. A martini in our hotel seemed like a much better offer.
The best part of the weekend came much later. My traveling buddy took me to an establishment owned by her brother. The Velvet Hookah, in Deep Ellum offered an interesting aside from the regular club scene. We sat on the floor on pillows in the front patio/porch area and smoked a HOOKAH. He filled it with a blend he said we would like called foreplay. He was right, we did. Now, I have never smoked anything in my life and have to admit that I didn't inhale, but it was a cool experience. It turned out to be the best part of the trip, just four women, hanging out, watching the sights.

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