Cool in The City

I don't know what it us about the brain that makes you forget the negative aspects of things and only remember the positive. I used to live in New York. I'm from there. And for the life of me I had no recollection of it being cold in April. And last weekend it was. So when I arrived in my cute white leather jacket, needless to say, I froze my tushie off. But I was cute while I did it.
And it was rainy too. I had forgotten how as a kid, we knew that April meant rain. And then after that May would be pretty nice, but it wouldn't be reaaly warm until June. I have gotten really used to being warm by early February. If only I could have postponed my trip two weeks.
I have gotten pretty used to zipping around town too. Now I get in my car and go wherever I want. In most cases, half an hour is a long trip where I live now. I didn't realize that this was quite a luxury. Traffic in and out of the Holland and Lincoln Tunnel is still the same. It took over an hour to go eight miles. I don't commute anymore, but I sat in my car imagining how many years of the average New Yorker's life time was spent getting from point A to Point B. No wonder everyone is in a rush. All the time has been taken up on just arriving at where they need to be, so little is left for what they needed to do when they got there.
But then, New York is New York. At the last minute, I was invited to a Soire at the Tribeca Film Festival. I didn't see any famous peoeple that I could recognize, but everyone was really cool. That is something that could only happen in New York. And I had the best Indian Food and looked in the window of the Soba noodle restaurant where they shot the final episode of Sex in The City. That, certainly, was an Only-in-NewYork thing.


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